Realms of Fantasy New Web Site and Sample Issue

Realms of Fantasy magazine has a revamped Web site up and at those new and improved digs is also offering folks a free pdf version of its February issue, as a way of getting you to try it, perchance to get a subscription or suchlike. I’ll note (because it’s all about me me me) that this is the issue that features Paul Witcover’s review of The God Engines in it (reminder: some spoilers), but I think more relevantly for the rest of you it features new fiction by Leah Bobet, Aliette de Bodard, Euan Harvey, Ann Leckie, and some scrappy kid named Harlan Ellison. Yeah, I know. Never heard of him before either.

In any event, check out the site and the issue, and if you’ve never tried RoF before, give it a read and see what you think.

11 Comments on “Realms of Fantasy New Web Site and Sample Issue”

  1. I picked it up in a local Borders yesterday.

    In addition, there’s also an interview with Charles Vess, whose art book, Drawing Down the Moon, is about to be released by Dark Horse Comics.

    Lee Whiteside
    LepreCon 36 Chair with Charles as Artist Guest of Honor

  2. I just let my subscription lapse a few months ago, and now they go and make me want it again. Sigh.

  3. I agree with Christopher at #6. I have issue one also. I’m also glad that it’s still being published. I had heard last February that it was being canceled (right after my renewal check cleared), but found out they had acquired a new publisher.

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