And Because They’ve Been Patient and Haven’t Threatened to Burn Down the House Because I Haven’t Put One of These Up Lately

Here’s Ghlaghghee, passionately interested in something on the other side of the window.

Probably a bird. Or a truck with an open flatbed filled with raw tuna. I don’t really suppose there are other options that make sense.

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  1. Heh. If that were any of my cats, the following two pictures would be:

    –Cat’s foot has slipped into hole on desk and chaos is ensuing

    –Cat has extricated itself and is deciding whether to pretend that never happened or to kill me for laughing hysterically

  2. Yes, but have you attempted to do the family holiday photo with all felines, canines, and homo sapiens in the same photo..That is the true challenge..(this year it took me three days with cats leaping out of the photo and me jumping in, as a big blur) Guaranteed fun for the whole family

  3. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of Her Most Gracious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    The image has good depth of field, is well-lit and reasonably well composed. It does have too many knick-knacks cluttering things up but since Magnificent She is correctly centered and dominates the picture this is excusable.

    But don’t make a habit of it. Nobody of any import wants to see your knick-knacks.

    As usual, you have failed miserably in explaining Her Actions. Have we not told you to leave explication to the experts of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club?

    The Beauteous Ghlaghghee is not interested in the slightest in anything outside the window. She Already Sees and Knows All.

    What She is doing is looking for escape. You must have done something recently that made Her realize that you really are hopeless and have reached your peak.

    Well, we could have told Her that.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  4. She hears sleigh bells and will be on the Polar Express by midnight.

    Which is a neat trick since there’s no snow on the ground in this part of Ohio.

  5. OK, Chang (or Chang), if “She Already Sees and Knows All” then it must follow that you are wrong when you assert that she “is looking for escape.” Surely She Knows where escape is possible?

  6. @ warren terra

    well done. well done indeed.

    *wanders away laughing quietly so chang, who is not chang cannot hear her*

  7. It looks a bit as if she’s just closed the window. She’s energy-conscious that way.

    /ducks and hides from fanclub…

  8. Our cats only do that when there’s Another Cat Out There. (a most distressing occurrence, worthy of Upper Case Letters.) Squirrels just get chattered at.

    She’s beautiful!

  9. I caption this picture “Looking For The Summer” with the subtitle “What do you mean, it’s not outside this window either?”

  10. Warren Terra @12: You are attempting to employ logic with Chang≠Chang, and I’m not sure he recognizes logic, at least when it comes to Ghlaghghee.

  11. When cats get that attentive, it usually means something bad is about to happen to somebody/something.

    Whatever she is watching had better start running.

  12. If you look at the message on the lower left, it says, “I’m sorry, I lost interest in your message after the first paragraph and couldn’t be bothered to read it.” It’s fairly evident that Ghlaghghee is looking for the author of that note so she can eat that person’s liver, with fava beans, and jam the remains into the piggy bank on the floor.

  13. Long time lurker and reader. I just had to say how beautiful that cat is. It’s probably another animal. Or a bug. Or the wind. Does a cat have to have an excuse to climb the window?

  14. I feel like Ghlaghghee (and pictures of her) and interactions with The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club are worthy of a book. Although it would probably be an expensive book, as there would have to be color photographs on every other page.

  15. I am slow and do not read back articles to figure things out. I also don’t read this blog as often as I might, so I miss many things. That said, I JUST deciphered how you pronounce Ghlaghghee.

    You are an evil man, John Scalzi.

  16. Could it be a bird filled with raw tuna? I mean, John Madden’s retired now. Maybe he’s dedicated himself to putting meat inside of meat full-time

  17. eviljwinter @ 28: You hit the nail on the head! She’s been watching John shoot zombies through that window on his desk and now is looking for some of her own out another window.

  18. Our cat Juju – the 30ish lb black monster – spent part of the weekend watching Julia Childs on PBS. Cooking and carving up turkey.

    He kept turning back to us plaintively. We kept telling him it was just TV, but he was sure there had to be birdie meat in it for him, somewhere…

  19. Is that a Tonkinese Kitty? Sometimes people are unsure and confuse em’ for Persian or something else?

    I have an indoor cat with the exact same coat of hair. Although when she was younger, started out MUCH much lighter, and less brownish Maybe it was the Florida Sun?


  20. Can tell that’s a writer’s desktop. Look at that stack of multi-colored sticky notes.

  21. If you lived in a more urban setting, I’d say that cat is flashing your neighbors. But it would take a heckuva peeping tom to penetrate the boundaries of the Scalzi compound this time of year.