Anne, Brian, TAFF

My very good friend Anne KG Murphy and her beau Brian Gray want you (“you” being someone who participates in SF fandom to a greater or lesser extent) vote for them to be this year’s TAFF recipients. What is TAFF and why should they be its recipients — and can you vote, and if so, how may you vote for them? Answers to this, and the proverbial more, await you here.

Ethan Ellenberg Agency Looking For New Clients

Hey there, folks. Most of you know that my fiction is represented by the Ethan Ellenberg Agency, and has been since I’ve been selling fiction. To say that I’m happy with the work Ethan and his team do for me is understating the case — they’ve been both aggressive and savvy in getting my work out there, which is why my books are now available in fifteen languages, and Ethan and his people are trusted advisors when I think about what to write (and to try to sell) next. They know what they’re doing, I’m glad to be working with them, and I think most writers would be lucky to work with such an agency.

Which, as it happens, bring me to this next part: The Ethan Ellenberg Agency is now looking for new clients in science fiction and fantasy, so if you’re in the market for representation, this is a good time to introduce yourself. Below you’ll find a letter from Ethan, talking a little bit about the agency and its clients, and also how to bring yourself and your work to the agency’s attention.

I’m writing to introduce you to myself and my agency and let you know we are actively seeking clients in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

We opened in 1984 and have always had an interest in both genres.  We are a full service agency, representing writers at every stage of their career from unpublished through maturity.  We are a very active, successful seller of translation rights with agents in all foreign markets and a track record of approximately 50 new sales per year.  There is no sub right we do not represent – movie, audio, e-book, translation, United Kingdom rights.

We’re privileged to represent a number of top talents.  In Science Fiction we represent Hugo winner John Scalzi; we also represent Ian Douglas whose military science fiction series for Avon have been selling well and in print for more than a decade.  We recently contracted for 5 more books in these series.  A recent client who is building nicely is Ed Willet, whose most recent book TERRA INSEGURO was published by Daw.

We are even more known for our representation of fantasy writers.  Karen Miller is an international bestseller with publishers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.  We have represented Sharon Shinn from her very first book and today, twenty one books later, we still represent her.  We represented Gail Martin for her first sale to Solaris and just concluded a 4 book deal with Orbit to continue her TALES OF THE NECROMANCER.  We represent Mel Odom whose Tolkienesque series beginning with THE ROVER was a hit for Tor.

Our success in this area is not confined to the adult market; Karen Miller, Mel Odom, Sharon Shinn, and Ed Willet have all sold young adult fiction.

We’re actively acquiring new clients.  The ideal submission for us is an introductory letter, synopsis and the first 3 chapters of manuscript.  We welcome electronic submissions to  We also welcome submission by mail with a self addressed stamped envelope for response.  Please check our website ( and follow the directions carefully so as not to fall afoul of U.S. postal regulations.

We remain upbeat, active and committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and representation.  We are members in good standing of the Association of Author’s Representatives and consistently receive high marks from all the top professional writer’s organizations.  We look forward to your submission.

There you have it. To repeat: I’ve been very happy with this agency, they’ve done a great job with my work, and they’ve been good people to work with. I recommend them.

Addressing Your Nerd Holiday Needs

Nerd musicians and all around sexy-sexy men Paul and Storm are celebrating the 2009 holidays the only way they know how: By writing Chirstmas songs in the manner of other nerd-beloved musicians. Thus: It Might Be Xmas:

This season, we’re once again giving the gift of approximately-rendered stylings of our musical heroes. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between now and December 24, at least one COMPLETELY NEW and original holiday song in the style of They Might Be Giants will be released.

There are already two songs up, and quite obviously more are on the way. Go on, you know you want to. Wait: You know you need to. Yes, you do. Stop questioning my dictates, damn you.

Some Nice News To Wake Up To

Stargate: Universe has been renewed for a second season. This is not unexpected news, to be sure; the series has done well in the ratings department, here in the domestic market and internationally. But it’s always nice to have the deed done.

At the link above there’s also some discussion about what viewers can expect for the second half of the first season, which resumes in April. Hint: Charo! Okay, not Charo.