Addressing Your Nerd Holiday Needs

Nerd musicians and all around sexy-sexy men Paul and Storm are celebrating the 2009 holidays the only way they know how: By writing Chirstmas songs in the manner of other nerd-beloved musicians. Thus: It Might Be Xmas:

This season, we’re once again giving the gift of approximately-rendered stylings of our musical heroes. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between now and December 24, at least one COMPLETELY NEW and original holiday song in the style of They Might Be Giants will be released.

There are already two songs up, and quite obviously more are on the way. Go on, you know you want to. Wait: You know you need to. Yes, you do. Stop questioning my dictates, damn you.

11 Comments on “Addressing Your Nerd Holiday Needs”

  1. Have met Paul and Storm as well. I’ll second the nerdy musicians part, but really I must question your taste in men!

  2. Paul & Storm are far too interested in being famous, rather than simply doing good work and being rewarded for it with fame like Coulton. And now they’re just using TMBG (heck, not even TMBG – just their style) as yet another coattail for them to ride.

  3. Steve Thomas:

    If they were genuinely interested in being famous, I’m not sure what they’d be doing nerd folk.

    Entertain the notion they’re simply having fun.

  4. That’s the notion I used to hold until I listened to their podcast for awhile and all they seemed interested in talking about was being “starfuckers” (to use their term).

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