Anne, Brian, TAFF

My very good friend Anne KG Murphy and her beau Brian Gray want you (“you” being someone who participates in SF fandom to a greater or lesser extent) vote for them to be this year’s TAFF recipients. What is TAFF and why should they be its recipients — and can you vote, and if so, how may you vote for them? Answers to this, and the proverbial more, await you here.

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    Second the endorsement. I’ve known Brian since he was *that* high and we were in college together. Great guy, lovely lady. Can’t think of anybody I’d rather see inflicted on sorry, sent to edify the fen of England. :)

  2. I’ll vote for them, for no other reason than that Brian looks like Chris Elliot (of Cabin Boy fame) in this picture.

  3. I’m not happy with the use of the word “recipient” in connection with TAFF, even though it might not be technically inaccurate. It’s not (IMO) primarily a reward or honor for past services; the candidates are applying for the job of representing the fandom of their country at a major fannish event in another country.

    That also means that they’ll make many in-person contacts that will enrich and expand their fanac in coming years, so it’s more an investment in the future of a social microcosm that helps enrich my life.

    As far as I can figure out, this is another year in which any of the TAFF candidates can be expected to do an excellent job, so I might (as so often happens) end up just sending money, without voting for (or against) anyone. But thanks for the reminder — I’ve procrastinated, and the deadline is scarcely a week away.

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