Starts Podcasting, that groovy online site dedicated to science fiction, fantasy and other such wacky things, is inaugurating a weekly podcast, in which the folks there will discuss what’s new and notable on the site, and audio fiction will unspool, alternating between new fiction, and fiction already on the site. For the debut podcast, the fiction they’re featuring is mine — an audio version of my story “After the Coup,” set in the Old Man’s War universe and read by me. If you missed it the first time it was up, here’s your chance to check it out, along with the rest of the podcast. Enjoy!

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  1. Cool Beans. I have to admit, the scenes from the OMW books that took place in the officers’ mess were probably my favorites.

  2. And why shouldn’t they start with your story? It’s a great story and Harry is a great character.

    This is going fan-boy really fast but seriously John, your ability to write a hook into the first line of a story is the major reason I’ve become such a devotee. “How well do you take a punch” ranks right up there with the best. TAD and OMW’s first lines are other examples of what I consider a real gift.

    OK, Fan-boy off now. Congrats on being the lead in.
    Time to go get podcast-ed.

  3. “Did they go after you (or Tor) for a license? I assume not.”

    They did not, nor could they have, as titles are not copyrightable, and my title was not the same as the PKD book’s in any event.

    “how would you feel about someone coming out with a device with a name derivative (or identical) to something in one of your books?”

    Derivative? Meh. Explicit ripoff? That’s why I have lawyers.

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