Judge Sn Update + Limited Edition News

Subterranean Press just announced that “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” is now shipping, and also that it’s the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys science fiction, or golf, or both. Both of these statements are true.

Subterranean also announced (yesterday) that it had acquired limited edition rights to both The Android’s Dream and to Zoe’s Tale, so fans of both novels who’ve been yearning to own them in super-groovy limited form, your needs will be addressed. Forthwith!

4 Comments on “Judge Sn Update + Limited Edition News”

  1. the cover of that reminds me so much of old Green Day album covers.

    But that is one nice cover.

    BTW, since you’re the creative consultant on SGU, do you think that you can put a bug in their ear about the 4 month hiatus being a bit too much?

    I need my fix. Thanks!

  2. Wahoo!

    I’m hope Judge SN gets here before Christmas. The US post/Customs/Canada post combination can make things a little slow.

    I must say that Bill at SP was really great last time I had a delay in an order. He told me that if it did not show up in the next seven days, that he would send me another copy at no charge. You do business with good people there Mr. Scalzi.

  3. Off-topic, but I just HAD to say it: neat trick, that background pic on your “owner” comments. It’s so faded out I first thought my monitor needs cleaning, then I noticed the Scalzi-esque appearance of the alleged dust motes – which would have been a few shades cooler, but this is pretty neat as it is. Nicely done!

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