Zeus Hanging With His Christmas Homies

Yes, that’s right. Zeus is hanging out with a bunch of stuffed bears. You gonna make something of it? ‘Cause he’s ready to shred your face if you do. No one disses the bears, man. They’re all fuzzy and soft. Just the way Zeus likes ’em.

14 Comments on “Zeus Hanging With His Christmas Homies”

  1. O Great Scalzi, what a wonderful picture of TempCat Zeus.

    Of course, it could be significantly improved by:

    1. Adding a well-lit, in-focus Magnificent She centered in and dominating the image.

    2. Adding Mighty Lopsided Cat.

    3. Make sure that Anteater-Thing and you are nowhere in the image. (Kudos for making that happen in this case.)

    4. Removing all clutter such as the bears and the tree.

    Other than these issues, you have done moderately well. Instead of your usual tripe (favorite music videos? Avril Lavigne? please…) you might focus on taking the Executive Committee’s imaging tips to heart and try to improve. We will be glad to offer further critiques.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  2. Very festive. I must say, Zeus does look at tad more “emo kitty” than “face shredder” in that shot. Could just be me though.

  3. Zeus has the right idea. :)

  4. robertsloan2 – Robert Sloan is a 56 year old artist and writer living in San Francisco with his beloved cat Ari, a color point long hair. You can find his science fiction epic "Raven Dance" at iUniverse.com or Amazon, though he gets a higher royalty on the same list price if you purchase it at iUniverse.com.
    Robert A. Sloan

    These are great! Of course Zeus likes his bears, they’re soft and fuzzy, comfortable to lean on. All three of your cats rock.

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