Bored With Myself

And thus will be even more boring to you. So taking the day off here. See you tomorrow.

20 Comments on “Bored With Myself”

  1. Wait…I don’t understand. I thought posting blather on the Internet was what boredom was for!

  2. Have a great day today. I’m stuck here giving final exams to my law studies and world cultures classes. One more day of exams and then its off for the Christmas break!!!!

  3. Tell them the truth, you’re not bored. You’re trying to figure out how to remove pine sap from your already-diminishing hair supply. That’ll teach you to climb in the Christmas tree. :)

  4. No, it’s the shame of last night’s nail polish. You know they mocked him in the hardware store.

  5. But I need to talk philosophy with you? Who else do I know that has a degree in philosophy and can tell me what philosophers will help my debate case regarding the expansion of government’s authority in using economic sanctions?

    Hunh? Well, yeah, besides my husband.

  6. I hope you are happy. I’ve just discovered your blog and you made me spent all my morning reading your posts and anxiously looking for Cat Pictures(especially Lopsided Cat). And worse, now I feel obligated to buy all your books.
    Thank you very much Sir!

  7. Saying that you were bored in my parents house meant being assigned some sort of chores. Needless to say, we found ways not to be bored (books!). I suspect that you’re digging into that pile already.

  8. I know the feelin’.

    Last time I was really bored with myself, I shaved my beard off.

    Then I grew it back a few months later.

    And I’m bored again.




    Back, sack and crack wax, then.

  9. I would have been much less bored with you if “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” had arrived in the mail today. No such luck. Sigh.

  10. Scalzi has has a preteen daughter and he’s bored. Tells you something about John Scalzi, don’t it?

    Any man who can be bored in a house with a preteen…