The Little Gingerbread House That Couldn’t

So, for the centerpiece of our Christmas Eve feast with the extended family, we decided to make a gingerbread house, because it’s all homey and Christmasy and whatnot. For reference, here’s what the house is supposed to look like, once assembled:

And this is what it looked like when we were finished:

How did it get that way? The following picture provides context:

Let’s just say the construction process was a contentious one.

Note to self: Next year, buy the gingerbread house already constructed.

Are we still going to use the gingerbread house as the centerpiece? Are you kidding? How could we not?

Hope your own Christmas Eve is joyous, and filled with friends, family, gingerbread houses and hammers.


Whatever Best of 2009

Yes, we’re getting to the end of it now, aren’t we. And really not a moment too soon. As is my annual wont, here’s a collection of some of what I think were the most interesting Whatever entries of the year. In case you’re joining the blog in progress.



The Most Memorable Science Fiction Films of 2009

In which the word “memorable” does not necessarily equal “best.” I’ve got the list in my AMC column for this week. Won’t you drop by and see which films they are? It’s not like you’ll have anything else to do these next couple of days, right?

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