Whatever Best of 2009

Yes, we’re getting to the end of it now, aren’t we. And really not a moment too soon. As is my annual wont, here’s a collection of some of what I think were the most interesting Whatever entries of the year. In case you’re joining the blog in progress.


6 Comments on “Whatever Best of 2009”

  1. hm, it doesn’t feel like the end of the aughts, the end of a decade, or whatever you wanna call it, but apparently it is.

    I think the aughts pretty much get a thumbs down. 8 years of Bush ruined the decade for me. And this whole “worst economic disaster since the great depression” thing is really really starting to suck wombats, which mean “2009”, as years go, is about as bad as it gets in my experience.

    Here’s hoping 2010 is better (though it feels like there’s nowhere to go from here but up, so that’s not saying much)

  2. Three of my children were married and ten of my eleven grandchildren were born during this decade. I was able to help a bunch of people reconstruct their lives. I made new friends, some casual and others quite close. On the other hand, I was laid off, unemployed, then spent time in a hospital and a rest home learning to walk again and became officially old and began receiving social security. On balance, I think, more good than bad.

  3. Overall, 2009 sucked worse for me than a nervous virgin wearing braces in the backseat of a surplus army jeep driving down a cobblestone street at high speeds.

    There were some awesome parts. I did get to go on the Chicago to New Orleans rail tour for Cat Valente’s Palimpsest release party. That was full on amazing. I’d do that again for certain.

    But on the whole, I’d return 2009 for a better year if given the chance. let’s hope 2010 is better.

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