Mecha-Zoë is Coming to End You

The cover for the upcoming Spanish edition of Zoe’s Tale:

Not entirely sure it’s accurate to the content of the book, but then Minotauro (my Spanish publisher) has always made the covers more about style than anything else. And it certainly is cool looking. You don’t want to mess with this version of Zoë; she’ll kick your ass six different ways and then whack you with those shoulder pads of hers. Let that be a lesson to you. Let that be a lesson to all of you.


This is the Best Christmas Ever

I am a notoriously difficult person to Christmas shop for, which is why for a number of years now my stated policy for people wanting to get me something is to tell them not to bother. Nevertheless, Krissy asked this year if there was anything I wanted for Christmas. I handed her a small list. On the list were the following Christmas wishes:

1. A pony


3. Gum

4. Monica Bellucci

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, when we’re opening presents because all the family is there and, you know, why wait. Under the tree is a box for me. And in the box is the following:

And thus, I can truly say that I indeed got everything I wanted for Christmas. Also, my wife is awesome.

Merry Christmas, and I hope you get everything you want out of the day as well.

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