Sunsets, 2009

A dusky review.

And for luck, one sunrise.

22 Comments on “Sunsets, 2009”

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    There are three hard-core amazing shots there, and not one loser in the bunch. I’d say drop this silly writing career and start selling your true talenr, but I know better.

    But, seriously — those are nice shots. Yes, half of that is being in the right place at the right time, but the other half is *knowing* that you’re in the right place at the right time and getting the image.

  2. Samantha Manzella – I'm a girl in her young teens who writes fantasy and sci-fi novels while balancing school, socializing, and exercise. I love cherry Coke and taking long showers. :D

    Absolutely beautiful. I love me a good sunset (or sunrise, for that matter). ;D

  3. John, I’m not entirely joking when I say you could do a very nice calendar with those pics.

    A happy (belated) birthday wish for Athena and an only slightly belated Merry Christmas for all of you.

  4. Read it again, folks- last shot is a sunrise.

    Gorgeous photos, John, thanks for sharing them. You could make a really nice calendar out of your nature photos.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. luisaperkins – I write speculative fiction, specifically contemporary dark-ish fantasy. I've been married for nearly 20 years to Patrick, an absolute prince of a man. We live with our six lovely children and an insane cat in New York's Hudson Highlands. My passions include reading, gardening, knitting, cooking, eating, and musicking.
    Luisa Perkins


  6. Boy, do I miss that sky.

    There are actually quite a few things I miss about living out that way, but the sky tops the list.

    (People who actually know how to drive, even in the snow, comes in second. We don’t have many of those out here).

  7. You have once again fed my desire to steal a giant bulldozers and raze all the houses between my window and the horizon. Please stop.

    On second thought, don’t. I think I can contain myself.

  8. Thanks for sharing. The weather has been yucky in Georgia.

  9. Go spelunking in your Flickr account for some good wallpaper sized versions?

  10. skylarkerette – Long time resident of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, long-time reader, especially of fantasy, folklore and science fiction, active in the TC area f/sf fan community, and in Midwest Fiction Writers chapter of RWA.
    Laramie Sasseville

    Magnificent skies! But of course the cat keeps it all in a proper perspective.

  11. Wow! This damned thing we pound around on is an actual PLANET, and now we have proof. Thanks, Scalzi! These are lovely.

  12. These are amazing photos. Remind me of the sunset boomerang throwing scene, when you can hear just the hiss of the flying boomerang, from a 1987 German movie Baghdad Cafe, directed by Percy Adlon. The sound and feeling is almost as magical as in the park scene in Antonioni’s Blow-up. Try sometimes, cool music. So be it.

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