Hey, You Like Snow?

Here you go, then.

This evening graced us with our first winter advisory, informing us we could expect anywhere between three and five inches of the stuff. Having just driven home in this, I can say with some reasonable authority that three inches has already been achieved, and it’s just a quarter past eight. We’ll see if we can make our way down the driveway in the morning.

17 Comments on “Hey, You Like Snow?”

  1. This system is bringing us 3-6 inches tomorrow morning. Just in time for the morning commute.

  2. I was wondering if you would recieve some of what we’ve been getting in Illinois the past few days.

    OK…so we’ve had “white christmas”. Can we have spring now ?

  3. I love snow that I don’t have to drive in. I’m glad that you and your passengers (if there were any) made it home safely. I hope that no one has to venture forth in the bad weather until the roads are safe to travel.

  4. Pretty snow. Sorry, I live somewhere that’s relatively warm.

    Do you have one of those really big snowblowers or is it a shovel for you?

  5. No, thanks. The 20ish inches NoVA had recently is more than enough to last me the rest of the season. And next winter. You enjoy that. Have some snowcream on me.

  6. Although I am *usually* just a bit south of the Scalzi Compound, and the aforementioned snow would be dropping on my head, I am currently in Sunny Florida visiting my Mom for Christmas/New Years. And let me tell you, it’s COLD for a Florida Christmas. Frost Warnings. This really sucks, as the beach is just about a 10 minute walk from her house, and it’s been too cold to get to the beach without a sweatshirt. I got some great sunset pictures while shivering, though…

  7. I think you’re living two doors down from me. That’s what my neighbor’s deck looks like, that’s the current condition of snow ’round these parts, and that’s the grill she left behind when she moved six months ago. That no one has stolen it is a testament to . . . something. Maybe it’s a testament to you having moved in there at some point.

    Happy snowfall.

  8. I was visiting my sister in Ohio for Christmas and managed to sneak out just ahead of the snow. I was relieved. My girlfriend, who was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, was disappointed. We continue to not see eye to eye on this matter.

  9. I live in Fargo, where we’re still clearing out the 17 inches of snow that landed over Christmas Eve and Day! So… yeah. Good luck with that blizzard! ;)

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