Pets, 2009

Because you demand it!

First, Ghlaghghee:

And now Zeus:

Let’s not forget Lopsided Cat:

And, of course, representing the canine branch of the Scalzis, Kodi:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the intense pet-related satisfaction.

35 Comments on “Pets, 2009”

  1. You should publish a book on your photos. They really are great. It’s so difficult to take photos of cats. You seem to get them in great poses.

  2. The four-legged branch of your family is friggin’ ADORABLE. Does Kodi have some mastiff or St. Bernard in him? Saddest Dogface Ever.

    And that’s a fantastic wedding photo behind the kitty, too. =)

  3. Love the picture of the dog in the snow. My golden seems to think venturing into the raw elements is something roughly analagous to being a red shirt on a Star Trek away team.

  4. O Great Scalzi, what a barely acceptable year-end review of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee and Some of Her Minions.

    It could have been vastly improved by eliminating one of the pictures of Her (which of course was a foolish risk – you are lucky She did not smite you). In addition, the pictures of Anteater-Thing are simply not of interest to anyone of discerning, sensitive, and sophisticated temperament and are therefore unnecessary.

    Viewing this selection, the Executive Committee is struck by how poorly you performed in 2009. You have actually gone backwards. Has Magnificent She begun to withdraw Her Favors from you?

    If so, it’s about time. You need reminding that relying on your native “talents” alone is not a recipe for success.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. Ah! My brother wants an Akita very badly, but we’ve heard that they don’t play well with cats or small children. What has your experience been?

  6. They play with both very well as long as they’ve been sufficiently socialized, which takes a considerable amount of time and effort. I would not recommend an Akita to your brother if he can’t or won’t take the time and effort to socialize the dog. This isn’t a breed you can just buy and then forget about.

  7. Ahem.

    ::cross-arm foot tapping::

    Do you not also have spiders in your basement?


  8. Are there any books or anything that you would recommend on how to properly socialize a dog like an Akita?

  9. What great pictures! There are good shots of every animal companion in the Scalzi household.

    I hope 2010 is as fruitful for you and your family.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  10. Ahhh, most satisfying. You can see the lopsided in Lopsided Cat when there’s a few pictures put together. I also liked the upside-down action shot of Zeus. I don’t care what Chang (not) says, you have my personal Seal of Approval until at least February. Now to hide from the wrath of Chang (not Chang)

  11. eviljwinter – It’s a diminutive, child-sized chair. There’s another brown chair or bench to the right that shows the scale difference.

  12. We have the same duck bath mat and shower curtain in our guest bathroom. I can finally claim that John Scalzi and I have something in common besides a love for books.

  13. Absolutely cool, especially the cats of course. All three of yours are awesome. Ghlaghghee looks a whole lot like my cat Ari. Your dog studying physics is a trip too!

  14. That white wicker chair was obviously designed to be cat sized. Lopsided Cat seems to enjoy it very much. He looks fat in it but that may just be a great deal of hair involved. Ari isn’t fat but can look fat in some poses since he’s so shaggy.

    Oh and thanks for that news about Ethan Ellenberg Agency, I’ve sent in my novel — got all the edits done and finished doing/editing the synopsis, so it’s off. Yay, you helped me become the one in a million people who actually complete a New Years resolution within the year they made it!

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