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Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that generally speaking my Twitter postings don’t have much to do with what’s going on here at Whatever; they’re mostly my short (and goofy) observations. Well, for those of you who would actually like a Twitter feed for Whatever, now there is one:


It updates when I update here (more or less; it checks in every half hour) and includes the headline and a shortlink back, and covers both proper blog entries and Whateverette links. I think this is a good way to let people use Twitter to keep up with what’s going on here, without turning my own personal Twitter feed into a constant pimp thread.

So, in sum:

Whatever Twitter feed: @blogwhatever.

Personal, generally non-Whatever-oriented Twitter feed: @scalzi.

Enjoy them both in Twitterific splendor.

(The idea to give Whatever its own Twitter feed stolen wholly from the Nielsen Haydens, who have done the same thing for their blog, Making Light.)

11 Comments on “Whatever Twitter Feed Now Online”

  1. Every half hour is way too slow for me. I think I need help, but I check Whatever more than that, especially on work days.

  2. Social networking services with their own social networks? I’ve got a bad feeling about this. One of these days somebody will make one too many connections and the whole ‘Net will become sentient. Shortly after that Norton AntiVirus will start trying to delete us all. I hope Mecha-Zoë will be around to save us.

  3. I don’t understand the point of a “twitter feed”. What advantage does that have over RSS?

    I mean, I completely get twitter accounts, and follow lots of people. I just don’t understand accounts set up to say “posted blah on my blog”. RSS does a much better job of that.

  4. Steve@4: Some of us (well, I) don’t have the attention span to use RSS, nor the desire to add another client program to the herd I already wrangle. But then I won’t be using the @blogwhatever feed, either. I don’t need the immediacy.

  5. There already was a twitter feed which listed Whatever posts. @torforgeauthors also covers a bunch of other people. But, for your unadulterated Whatever twitter feed, I guess this new one will do.

    I use the Feedly plugin for Firefox and it does right by me for RSS feeds, so I’m all set.

  6. I use everything to read the internet, and now my brain is full.

    Just to beat everyone to the punch, will the cats get their own Twitter feed too?

  7. Ah, what the hell.


    BTW, just got THE GHOST BRIGADE and THE LAST COLONY from my sister-in-law. Nearly finished with TGB. Excellent, excellent book. You’re one of those authors who always inspire me to write better.

  8. Yeah, I just set my site up too. I actually tweet stuff more than I post to the Wall of my Facebook group. It just seems quicker and easier.

    So far I’ve only had to block one pornspam “follower”. Could be worse.

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