What Follows Cannot In Any Way Be Considered a Deep Thought

You know, it’s a cliche and all, but chocolate and peanut butter really are two great tastes that go great together.

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  1. When you combine those two things, you have realised the full potential of the human race. God put us on this earth to create, and then combine, peanut butter and chocolate. And it is good.

  2. Stealing the peanut butter cups from Athena’s stocking will definitely get you placed on the naughty list for next year…

  3. What a revelation! Peanut butter and chocolate?! This amazing recipe handed down from John Scalzi. It has changed my whole outlook on food–no, on life! I am reborn in the savory essence of chocolate and peanut butter.

  4. Well, No.
    for an anosmic, or someone with poor/burnt taste glands, maybe.

    A family member who is aosmic, found that he liked jam with pickled fish together on a single toast to be a delicious appetizer.

    I think you are mixing texture and visible colors, with harmonic taste flavors.

    Two wrongs does not make a right and over sweeten chocolate with over spiced peanut butter just makes your tongue go numb. Hence the texture replacement, your injecting memory instead of a real taste, just as when you have a cold and all the food taste the same.

    Culinary statements from a nation who inject salt into Oreos cause they too sweet to begin with ?
    Why am I not surprised

  5. I have used a blended chocolate and peanut butter spread on my toast for the last thirty years.

    Plus, Reese’s are made of awesome!

  6. Not profound, and not actually related to your post, but I just finished reading The Android’s Dream, and I have to say that my first impression is… you must have had *entirely* too much fun writing that book. :-D

  7. Peanut butter and chocolate in the form of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures I consider the US’ culinary gift to the world (thank you USA). Just try and have one. I dare you.

    Speaking of bacon… I received Bacon Soap for Christmas.

  8. However for truly sublime, salted buttery caramel chocolates are the bomb. Gooey caramel encased in chocolate… I’ll be in my bunk.

  9. Stop rubbing it in our faces, sugar-crazed mainlanders! There are fifteen-thousand North American teachers (surprisingly, the number split right down the middle) living in South Korea, and not a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to be found anywhere. Well, at least outside the dungheap that is Itaewon. I’d complement Brad R. Torgensen on his first award-winning SASE story for a cup. [popping sound of a prescription bottles, gulping sounds of shot-gunning a beer, and the sound of yawning after waking from a self-induced two-hour coma] Actually, I can do without Reese’s for another month, thank you very much.

  10. Aaaah, realising the truth of a cliché. It brings me back to the time I stood on a New York City roof at 2am, listening to the clamor of the city about me as I realized that New York City was truly the city that never sleeps.

  11. @nsh: re: salt and Oreos, you realize that adding (relatively small amounts of) salt to sweet stuff actually makes it sweeter, right? Because of the way our taste buds work, salt acts as a generic flavor enhancer – sweet stuff becomes sweeter, bitter stuff more bitter. Which is why most dessert recipes call for salt, and why you use rock salt when making ice cream.

    As to the main topic, I love most anything with peanut butter, but I have to agree that milk chocolate is right up there on top of the partners list. For my money, the original Reese’s peanut butter cup is still the pinnacle of the form.

    Though the more-recently-introduced Reese’s Whipps bar is also quite good. It’s basically a Three Musketeers bar with whipped peanut butter in place of the nougat. Yum.

  12. Substituting chicken broth for either of the two ingredients in this recipe is a Very Bad Idea.

  13. Seriously, John, all that advertising money spent on a catchphrase and you mangle it? It’s two great tastes that TASTE great together!


  14. The question, though, is does the accident improve the taste? You should run at your wife, while holding a chocolate bar, while she runs at you while holding peanut butter, then you’d know if it was better than just putting the bar in the butter alone.

  15. I studied in Scotland for a semester, with a flat full of girls from varying other countries – Scotland, China, France, etc.

    My mother sent me some Reese’s cups. My flatmates turned their noses up at me. Peanut butter, they said, and /chocolate/? That’s disgusting!

    I made them try one.

    They never looked back.

    It is perfection, and I am completely baffled by the way much of the rest of the world refuses to embrace the glory of peanut butter and chocolate!

  16. 1. Marcos@18, you do not put rock salt in ice cream. It is in the ice and water mixture around the ice cream container. Its purpose is to provide temperature control, not flavor.

    b. Milk chocolate and peanut butter together make the perfect dessert after another great taste combination, the Spam and Velveeta sandwich.

  17. Lauren Uroff @ 2:

    Ah, but it must be milk chocolate if and only if the peanut butter is the sugar-added pap that passes for peanut butter these days. (And it seems certain that the “peanut butter” in Reese’s is more sugar-added than most.) For peanut butter that contains nothing but peanuts and salt, dark chocolate is sublime.

    (For added authenticity, the peanuts and cocoa beans must both be harvested by virgins clad only in moonlight. Of course.)

  18. I do not trust you, sir! You drink pickle juice!

    (All right yes, I’m full of it, I love chocolate and peanut butter.)

  19. I’ve heard peanut butter and hot sauce is a fun combination. The PB holds the sauce against your tastebuds…

  20. Back in the day, I used to spend my whole (admittedly small) allowance on Reese Cups.

    I am also famous in my family for finding a cheap way to get a chocolate fix — a box of Jiffy chocolate frosting cost a mere 13 cents, but woo, that made an entire layer of chocolate frosting (box says 7.5 oz)!

  21. And you claim to be resisting the malady known as “middle-aged spread”? Now we know the truth!

    Speaking from experience, your hopes of regaining your boyish figure are in vain. Peanut butter and chocolate . . .

    “Resistance is futile”.

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  22. Lauren #2: I find this to be true as well, but I’m puzzled why this is. I generally prefer dark chocolate MUCH more than milk chocolate, but those dark chocolate Reese’s just don’t work for me. Perhaps it was the dark chocolate chosen by them. Very odd.

    Dark chocolate over bananas is _amazing_. (Shishkaberries are the highlights for me at Seattle’s yearly Folklife and Bum bershoot festivals.) I tend to avoid most candy bars now if they’re merely milk chocolate instead of dark.

    On prezels, though, I find I prefer white chocolate.

    The right tool for the job, I guess. :)

    Pollo en Mole just doesn’t work for me at all, though. Is teh yuk!

  23. Mole only rarely has chocolate in it. It’s a whole family of (mildly) spicy sauces to cook things in (not always poultry).

    Just the chocolate kind is famous, especially in my family:

    My father and my brother were fond of opining that there were two kinds of food — the kind you put chocolate in and the kind you put garlic in. Someone — was it me? I don’t even remember — reminded them of mole, and that set off a whole new raft of opining.

  24. I USED to think that reese cups were THE BEST.
    Now I know the TRUTH.

    Dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, flavored with Cherries and Chilis.

    Taste the truth and the truth shall set your cravings free.

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