The Best SF Movies of the Decade and 2009 AMC Column Archive

And now, on the last day of the decade (unless you want to be technically accurate about when the decade ends, in which case, on the last day of 90% of one decade, and incorporating 10% of another), over at AMC, I’m presenting you with a list of the 10 films I consider the best science fiction of the last 10 years. There are some films here which are on other similar lists, and at least a couple which I can almost guarantee are not — but that that magic of such lists, isn’t it. Feel free to go over to AMC and yell at me for including the films I do, while excluding whatever film I excluded, which you feel should be included. Really, what else are you doing with your day?

Also, should you want to catch up with your 2009 John Scalzi AMC science fiction film column reading before the ball drops in Times Square (or even, maybe, after that), behind the cut you’ll find every AMC column of mine this year, in chronological order. Uh, except for the last one, which is linked to above.


John Scalzi’s 2009 AMC Science Fiction Film Archive

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In Praise of Dark Star and Other SciFi B-Movies

A Case Study in Vanity, Courtesy of Battlefield Earth

Box Office Predictions for Wolverine, Trek and a Summer of SciFi

Wachowskis and Lucas and Jackman, Oh My! John Scalzi Answers Your SciFi Questions

The Star Trek Movie Cheat Sheet

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Hand John Scalzi a Hanky – These SciFi Tearjerkers Choke Him Up

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Who’s Your Daddy? Rating SciFi’s Movie Fathers

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When Science Fiction Goes Global at the Foreign Box Office

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Five Lessons From the SciFi Summer That Was

At the Helm of the Enterprise – John Scalzi Ranks Star Trek‘s Directors

Han Shot First! John Scalzi Examines SciFi’s Special Extended Director’s Cuts

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Three Cheers for Chewbacca, SciFi’s Ultimate Sidekick

John Scalzi Answers the Burning Question – Can SciFI Movies Be Cool?

Five Ways a SciFi Movie Could Win Best Picture

Ten Directors Who Really Need to Make a SciFi Movie

Four Reasons Why Avatar Is Too Big to Fail

Education Is Not the Answer for Star Trek‘s Bad Science

Avatar, B-Movies and The Road – It’s John Scalzi’s Mailbag, Thanksgiving Edition!

The Ten Worst SciFi Blockbusters of the ’00s

Toys, Comics, Sequels, Remakes – John Scalzi Charts SciFi’s Box Office Success in the ’00s

The Winners and Losers of ’00s SciFi Movies

The Most Memorable SciFi Movies of the Year

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