Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

Quick God Engines Shipping Update

The latest on The God Engines shipping status, nicked from the Subterranean Press site: All individual orders will be en route to customers by Monday morning, with large online bookstore and wholesale orders currently being packed. Please note that we only have 30 copies of the signed limited edition available, which is leatherbound, and features […]

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Viable Paradise Writing Workshop Accepting Applications

For the third year running, I’ll be an instructor at the Viable Paradise writing workshop, which takes place as it always does on Martha’s Vineyard, and this year runs from Sunday, October 3rd, through Friday, October 8th. Those attending get intensive week-long instruction on the art, craft and business of writing science fiction and fantasy […]

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Housekeepery and Blog Neepery

Oh, look, it’s January 4 already. Some stuff: * First, let’s go ahead and get this over with so we can get to other things: Yes, Ghlaghghee is excited to see you again too. Obviously. * I mentioned a few days ago that my primary goal for the year at this point was to focus […]

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