Viable Paradise Writing Workshop Accepting Applications

For the third year running, I’ll be an instructor at the Viable Paradise writing workshop, which takes place as it always does on Martha’s Vineyard, and this year runs from Sunday, October 3rd, through Friday, October 8th. Those attending get intensive week-long instruction on the art, craft and business of writing science fiction and fantasy from the likes of Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle, Steven Gould and Laura Mixon, Elizabeth Bear and me, of whom all told have more books, awards and relevant practical experience in the genre and in publishing than is at all decent. It’s also got an impressive list of alumni, including nominees for Hugo, Nebulas, BSFAs and other significant genre awards. It’s a really good and useful workshop, in other words, by people who know their stuff, for people who want to learn and publish.

VP is currently accepting applications for this year’s workshop class. The submission window runs from now through the 30th of June, but we get a lot of applications, so it makes sense to get your application in early (we instructors certainly appreciate it). Follow that link above to read the submission guidelines and to learn more about the fees associated with the workshop.

Good luck, and hope to see you in Martha’s Vineyard this October!

16 Comments on “Viable Paradise Writing Workshop Accepting Applications”

  1. Speaking as a VP grad (Kale!), I ditto Steve and say VP is everything it claims to be.

    I had a fantastic time and learned a ton of stuff. I even had the lucky chance to get John as one of my One-on-One sessions and it was awesome. Didn’t go too fan-boy…I think.

    For people curious about it, check out It’s got links to the blogs and reports of many past students. I’m totally blanking on who put it together but she did a great job.

  2. Another 2009 VP’er chiming in to say: if you are at all thinking of applying, do it. VP definitely is everything it’s cracked up to be.

    And best of luck to all who do apply!

  3. Yet another XIIIer in to say that Viable Paradise was an experience that will resonate in my writing for life. Plus, there are glowing jellyfish!

  4. Adding to the list of alumni endorsements, I’ll say that Viable Paradise is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing that would be a bargain at twice the tuition. You’ll learn a ton, get your writing noggin screwed on straight, and make lots of new friends in the process. Also, you may get to see Scalzi doing en pointe, all swan-like.

    –Marko (VP XII)

  5. Results speak for themselves.

    Since October, our class of 2009 has had a sale to, two sales to Strange Horizons (congratulations to Lisa Morton for one of those), plus rewrite requests from at least two pro-paying magazines. And that’s just the stuff I know about.

    And, if you ever wanted Scalzi to look at something you wrote and give you feedback, this is about the only place he’ll do it without stabbing you.

    Well… he still might stab you, but he’ll actually give you feedback on your work while he does it.

  6. It sounds like camp, albeit one with some pretty interesting teachers. Oh, to sit at the knee of Plato, but to learn and grow and strive to know.

  7. efkelley@6: Wow, first John threatened to assassinate me for figuring out that he was building a Stargate, and now I learn he might stab me after reading something I’ve written.

    This is the best day ever!

  8. Another recent VPer saying DO THIS. Watch your real estate go up as a writer. Gain confidence. Never have a bully kick sand in your face on the beach of publishing again.

    Honestly, I met wonderful people, learned great things, and feel I am a stronger writer now. Take advantage of this opportunity.


  9. Dave, you can get the stabbing without the assassination or the assassination without the stabbing, but, regardless of your choice, the blood is compulsory. ;-)

  10. I’ve now heard a couple people say that it’s better to submit early, but I’m not really clear what they mean by that — as in I’d have an advantage submitting now over someone submitting in May, or I’d have an advantage submitting now over someone submitting next week?

    (Of course, instead of sitting and wondering about this maybe I should be sitting and finishing my submission…)

  11. Hmm… well, I was on the fence about this–only because of the pricetag–but the comments have convinced me, and I’ve already got a comic fantasy novel in full-on 2nd draft–just need to really polish the first 8000 words.

    Guess I’m submitting.