Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Special Guest Cat

Meet Belle. She’s the cat of my in-laws, who is temporarily hanging out here whilst some home repairs are being done on the in-law house. As with Zeus and Lopsided Cat, Belle is a found cat, which is to say the in-laws found her living under their deck, along with a rooster that also had […]

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Just Arrived, 1/6/10

One my New Year’s resolutions is to do a better job noting the books I get sent, for the edification of all y’all who are always wondering “damn, what’s new out there that I can read next, or pre-order and hover by the mailbox for?” And here’s the system I think I’m going to use: […]

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“The Big Idea” Open Call to Publicists, Editors and Authors

Now that the holidays are behind us and everyone is properly at their work desks, it’s time for me to make an open call to writers, editors and publicists to participate in “The Big Idea” feature here at Whatever (and later, when it’s ready, on its own Web site). Below, a quick FAQ to get […]

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