Frosty: The Snow, Man

Dropped down to the tiny single digits in temperature overnight, and when we woke up, the backyard looked like this. As did the front yard, and the side yards. It’s pretty, but as it’s also still 7 degrees outside, damn. It’s another “guess I’ll stay inside and watch bad TV” day.

How is it where you are?

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  1. Temps in the negatives, which is like a hojillion below on that metric temperature scale. Ground is white, but the white is piled much higher than on your lawn. Birds are picketing for more seed, blankets, and tiny space heaters.

  2. 7 here as well. No frost, though, which is kind of weird. I already had to walk the dog and oh man, inside I stay!

  3. 15, but not too windy, so we’re venturing out to have breakfast with a friend who is in town. I didn’t shovel the driveway good enough on Friday, though (I didn’t feel there was enough snow to justify the snowblower) so there’s chunks of ice out there. I keep throwing ice melt on them but when it’s this cold it doesn’t help much.

  4. Weather report from FL: It’s COLD! Woke up this morning to 20° and it had warmed up from an overnight of about 17°. Thinking of packing up and moving south to some kind of tropical island. If I could handle the cold I wouldn’t be living in FL! Oh, and I can’t just stay inside because I have horses and they still need to eat/drink/ and be kept semi-warm. *sigh*

  5. It’s been in the teens F (below zero celsius) for several days. I’m sick of the cold. I live in Alabama. This is supposed to be the south, and the south is supposed to be warm! I’d move back to Florida but I hear it’s cold there, too.

  6. We’ve had a week of heatwaves, temperatures pushing 40 – yesterday was nearly unbearable. Fortunately it’s clouded over today and my brain is slowly rebooting.

    I’m in Cape Town. Send me snow!

  7. It’s 46 here in Seattle. Sun just starting to come up. Beautiful blue sky with pink clouds. On my way to the tea shop to write for the morning.

  8. It’s a warm day at 5 degrees though we’re supposed to get some wind later on. Yesterday it was -8 when I went out for a run. That was a tad bit chilly.

  9. As I write this it’s on the cusp of 10°F, which is the warmest it’s been in three or four days (and roughly 20° warmer than it was six hours ago). The forecast says that the cold snap’s finally ending today… comparatively speaking.

    After more than two weeks, the weather finally will be bearable here in Lawrence, Kansas. Meanwhile I’ve been fighting the temptation to ask “when did I move to North Dakota?!” on Twitter, and my grandfather’s been having his share of chuckles at my expense — he spent his childhood in Saskatchewan.

    I do feel bad for all the Southerners, though. They really didn’t sign up for this.

    Also: cool job on the title graphic, Scalzi. Where’d ya learn to do that?

  10. No TV! Get outside with the camera, man! What beauty!

    It’s in the 20s (daytime) here in the Boston area, bright and sunny, with week-old snow on the ground.

  11. I have to echo the 46 in Seattle (and sunny!), if only to then wonder what happened that my homeland of Florida is colder by many degrees.

  12. Here in London, Ontario it’s a relatively balmy -7C (18F) though the windchill brings that down to -14C (3F). Nicely sunny, though; the walk to work was a bit nippy but otherwise quite pleasant. I wish I didn’t have to be stuck in the office today… though at least it removes me from the temptation of curling up with my Xbox and a litre of coffee instead.

    — Steve

  13. Hehe. 61 degrees right now at 8am. Should hit the low to mid 70’s later today. I love living in San Diego. Sunny and there’s a nice swell rolling in. 4 to 6 feet. That’s surf for those who didn’t know.

  14. Here in Denmark, it’s slightly below freezing (-5C/23F) and snow on the ground. We should make a Facebook group against the winter, because Facebook groups can fix everything.

  15. It’s overcast and 46 here in the City of Emeralds, and I’ve got just one thing to say: Life’s too short to watch *bad* TV. Snuggle one’s sweetie, make something from scratch, do nefarious science experiments in the basement, have a Star Wars/Star Trek/LOTR movie marathon, maybe even watch *good* TV (British, usually, although Babylon 5…) but watch *bad* TV? Rather play Free Cell.

  16. We got a dusting of snow four days ago here in Atlanta…so needless to say, the city is still shut down. And no, I’m not kidding. There was a listing of church closings this morning on the news.

  17. Sunny and mild (50 degrees) here in San Jose. We’ll probably head over to the farmer’s market in a bit.

  18. Sunny and around 71 here today. Pretty much the same that it was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

    I love Arizona in the winter.

  19. About 45 degrees in Oakland CA, and so foggy I can’t see the lake located 400 feet from my window. Should get up into the high 50s once the fog burns off though.

  20. About 28 this morning in Austin, up from 18 at the same time yesterday. Still cold enough to kill the battery of the carshare I planned to use today. Apparently people aren’t the only things that freak out in this town when it gets even remotely winter-like.

  21. The Greater London (UK) area is still snowy from last week, though today it felt a bit warmer. The side roads and sidewalks in my area haven’t been plowed, salted, or gritted and as a result they have been very treacherous since last Wednesday. Today is the first day I can actually see road under the ice, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make it to work. We haven’t seen postal deliveries since last Wednesday either, so I’m hoping those resume tomorrow. I grew up in Connecticut so I’m used to driving in the stuff – it’s the people who aren’t that worry me! The councils in the area don’t know how to do snow – if this happened in CT we’d have seen plows and gritters within a day. Just walking to the local shops has been an adventure and I can’t wait til that adventure is just a memory.

  22. I’m not sure I want to say because everyone with few exceptions is frozen and inside today. I probably could wear shorts today if I wanted. It’s sunny and nice, predicted to be in the 70s kind of day here. Sometimes I do wish for snow. The last time it snowed in my neck of the woods (So Cal), it was 1949. I don’t miss shoveling snow though.

    Beautiful photo.

  23. 75-ish and sunny, as usual for Los Angeles.

    My wife and I took the motorcycle for a ride up into the Angeles Crest and National Forest yesterday. It was a bit cooler at 4,500ft, maybe 55. Even though most of it was burned from the Station Fire it was still kind of starkly beautiful (though some of it really looked like Mordor).

    Still not regretting moving out here… though I suppose after the Big One hits my mind may change.

  24. 18 here south of Akron, but I’m heading to Cleveland where it may or may not be warmer (depending on who you ask about the lake effect) and then I’m going to go sit in an outside hot tub and let icicles form in my hair.

    Ohio. Gotta love the weather or you’ll leave.

  25. Just as cold – and foggy – in Dayton this morning when I drove to work @7am.

    This time last week, I was in Sunny (cold!) Florida, helping Mom take down Christmas decorations.

    Temp: 40 degrees, with a stiff wind off the gulf (which was < 1/4 mile away). I was wearing my down coat last week, as I did again, this morning.

  26. Was 17 in mid-Mississippi last night. SEVENTEEN!!!! I can’t do laundry because all the lines to and from my washer on my unheated utility porch are frozen. Because it isn’t supposed to be 17 degrees here!!!! (and because the landlord said he’d protected them but, ahem…) I haven’t been outside since I got home from work Friday, lol! But dang it, I have church tonight. Not sure if I’ll venture forth or not…. 20 tonight. Then a blissful 50 tomorrow. SO THEY SAY. “They” better be right. This is the deep south! We are supposed to be able to whine about it being cold when it is 50!! Heh.

  27. It’s currently 0 degrees here in Limerick, Ireland. Been cold here so long (3 weeks) people are starting to miss the rain.

  28. Well yesterday it was well and truly boiling in Sydney, today it’s apparently supposed to be anywhere between 28 and 22 (celsius!) so not quite boiling, but warm all the same.
    I really want to see Bondi Beach covered in snow, even if it does mean the apocalypse is nigh

  29. The snowplows are driving around with nothing to do! I signed up for snow, love to drive in the snow, and love the drama of weather. Instead, it’s a balmy 38 degrees in northern NV, with rain in the forcast. As the local newscaster stated, “there is opportunity for snow Tuesday” in the mountains (Lake Tahoe). Sadly, your genuine adversity is our opportunity ($$$ for local ski resorts and casinos).

  30. A sunny 70’s (F.) day here in Covina (on what used to be the eastern edge of Los Angeles, as you know, John), after a chilly night down into the high 40’s. It looks as though this is going to be another “no frost” winter in my immediate microclimate, like 12 out of the past 13 years, and I’ll probably prick-off some lettuce and pak choy seedlings into 6-pacs, to be planted out early next month. Still a bit early to plant tomato seeds, however, and rows of in-ground carrots, beets, and scallions seem to be taking forever to germinate.

  31. Here in Philly, it’s above zero but below freezing (26 F / -3 C). And I am watching bad TV, in the sense of “bad football from teams I wish were playing better”. But we’ll see if the Patriots (who at this point are behind 24-7 at halftime) end up with a better outcome than that of the Eagles last night.

  32. Seattle has been on-and-off niceish. I’ve wandered around without a coat twice this week, only to slightly regret it later in the day when the rain starts.

    I’m supposed to be heading off to the aquarium for sketching today, but I probably won’t spend the full day there.

  33. Another comment from Southern California,

    It’s 70 according to one read out, 72 by another. Temperatures are supposed to drop next week though; high 50s to low 60s by last report.

    Since it looks like you’ll be snowed in for a bit, look into cold weather gear. Not for your or Krissy, for Athena. Getting her out of the house on occasion to rampage around the outdoors will be a great help to your sanity. :)

  34. It’s going to reach 42C (~108F) here today, and we are bracing for bushfires. Normally, I regard snow as Satan’s icing sugar, but a light dusting in central Victoria would be a great boon.

  35. The sun is actually shining here in Fresno. Haven’t seen it much in awhile; yesterday morning it was so foggy around 7 a.m. that I could barely see across the street.

    Don’t know what the temperature is, though, as I haven’t been outside yet today. My guess, however, is “not very warm”.

  36. Bloody hot… yesterday and Saturday was 35 centigrade which made my wife’s work more like 40+ (old building with outdated A/C).
    And today – cloudy but still warm and no sign of rain… Very high risk of bushfires… I hope no one gets stupid and lights something…

  37. Sunny and warmish in Seattle. South Florida is colder. I have friends and relatives there, who would no doubt love to pound me for gloating, except they’d have to come out from under all their blankets to do so.


    Or it feels like it. 25 degrees after a week of subzero temps with brutal windchill.

  39. Today we’re expecting 44 C (111 F) and a dry northerly wind. Pitiless blue cloudless sky. Many dire warnings about bushfire risk.

  40. I love when you post snow pics.
    As others have mentioned it’s heading for 42C today. Currently it’s only 37.5 in Melbourne. The pics remind not everyone is cooking.
    It’s not the temperature that gets to me as much as the threat of bushfires, and I live in the outer suburbs not the bush.
    Last years lot has spooked me somewhat, it was only about 15 kilometres away. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing

  41. Only one person contradicted me when I said it was minus one Kelvin the other day, and almost everyone I know is a big enough geek to get it. Appropriate though, since I was in Glasgow. Seriously, I had to wait in Starbucks for Dennis Quaid to come rescue me, it was *that* bad. Some little hamlet in the middle of nowhere up the road made it to -22.3oC the other day, which I’m sure was fun for them, but apparently they’ve had worse.

    I’m still having fun watching the entire country grind to a halt because we’re just not used to these extreme conditions, but it’s only fun for me because I don’t have to go out in it if I don’t want to.

  42. Well, at my house it’s about 15 below Fahrenheit, but I’m in the hills above the inversion, so it’s around 30 below in town, plus wind chill. Beautiful day though, perfectly clear with just enough haze in the valley to tint everything a gorgeous buttery color.
    I’m in Fairbanks, Alaska, so this kind of weather isn’t that unusual for us. There hasn’t been much snow though, which is very irritating. We only have maybe a foot or two total, which makes skiing slightly… crunchy.

  43. Just about freezing in Maryland today and I was
    glad to be working in a warm bookstore. We had
    coffee, cocoa, girl scout cookies and a folk musician.
    (well, the latter was to listen to)

    Lots of books went to fine homes, where they
    will not hog the bed, unlike my Jack Russell.

  44. well here in New Mexico it’s been a good 60 degrees all day, that’s farenheit by the way in which case you suddenly decided to do things like the rest of the was a nice day though. Sunny for the most part if I remember correctly, but I can’t be certain because I didn’t really travel from my room all day, with the curtains drawn.

  45. Here in sunny Melbourne (Australia, not FLA), it’s now risen to 44.4C (about 112F) since #Dot posted above… We could sure use some of your snow about now!

  46. Winnipeg. Today was fairly mild, only about -15c. Normally we’d be breaking -40 right now (fun fact: -40 is the same in both fahrenheit and celsius), but the forecast is surprisingly optimistic for the next couple of days, even suggesting we might go above freezing.

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