A Small Request Re: Notifying Me About Typos

First: I appreciate that you folks call out when I make typos in my entries. Thank you.

Second: When you call them out to me in comment threads, could you do it as matter of factly as possible? The reason for this is that I make a fair number of typos, and all the “I assume you meant [X] here” and “I think the word you’re looking for is [X]” padding around your helpful correction makes me feel like you’re all being smug dicks about finding a typo.

Which you are not — I realize this — but you have to understand it adds up over time, and through no fault of your own, since you’re just making the one correction, and you’re trying to do it in a novel, friendly way. It’s just when you (or at least, I) see those constructions over and over, eventually my brain feels like it’s being poked at. What you’re intending as friendly comes across on this end as “hey, asshole, you screwed up again.” Again: I know that’s not what you’re aiming for. It’s me, not you. Even so.

So: If you’re going to call out a typo, for my own sanity, just say “you have a typo here: [excerpt with typo]” and I’ll go in and fix it. Better yet, e-mail me about it. Thanks.

Just Arrived

Just Arrived, 1/11/10

Books what came in the mail today:

* Tails of Wonder and Imagination, edited by Ellen Datlow. An anthology of fantastical tales featuring cats (thus the modeling of the book with Ghlaghghee). Night Shade Books, out this month.

* Lightbreaker and Heartland, by Mark Teppo. The first and second books in Teppo’s “Codex of Souls” series. Lightbreaker is currently out; Heartland will be out this month. Teppo will also be penning a Big Idea for Heartland in about a week. Night Shade Books.

* Shadowline, by Glenn Cook. Night Shade reprints a science fiction trilogy from the “Black Company” author; this is the first of those books. Out in January.

* Hespira, by Matthew Hughes. Hughes’ latest installment in his genre-bending Henghis Hapthorn series. Out now, from Night Shade Books.

* The Talisman #3. The third installment of Del Rey Comics’ adaptation of Stephen King’s and Peter Straub’s massive fantasy book. On sale 1/27.

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