Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

A Small Request Re: Notifying Me About Typos

First: I appreciate that you folks call out when I make typos in my entries. Thank you. Second: When you call them out to me in comment threads, could you do it as matter of factly as possible? The reason for this is that I make a fair number of typos, and all the “I […]

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Just Arrived, 1/11/10

Books what came in the mail today: * Tails of Wonder and Imagination, edited by Ellen Datlow. An anthology of fantastical tales featuring cats (thus the modeling of the book with Ghlaghghee). Night Shade Books, out this month. * Lightbreaker and Heartland, by Mark Teppo. The first and second books in Teppo’s “Codex of Souls” […]

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