Sunset 1/12/10

Offered up mostly for that speck in the upper left, which is Jupiter.

14 Comments on “Sunset 1/12/10”

  1. Would you mind circling the speck – there are quite a few here? Mind you, I a co-worker just sneezed on my screen…

  2. Oh, was that the bright thing in the sky this afternoon? It feels like weeks since we saw the sun in Ohio.

  3. Clear and cold in Ohio tonight. A great night for stargazing if you don’t mind the inevitable frost bite…

    We had a few sun-breaks today but I haven’t seen any stars for about a month. The Puget Sound does not lend itself to astronomy.

  4. Sometimes I remember that 99% of the solar system is on fire, and nine-tenths of what isn’t on fire, is that dot. Then I think that meh, it’s all just numbers, big numbers but still numbers, and get on with hauling around my personal 1/.2x10e-21 share of this rock here.

  5. Thanks for giving me a reason to wipe the dust from my monitor screen. The only time I want to live in the country is on clear nights, just to see the stars.

  6. I sure wish it wasn’t cloudy here, so I could pull out our new telescope and see Jupiter for myself. Usually I love the weather, but it interferes with stargazing most of the year.

  7. Huh, had to save the file as a bmp and open it in paint to see the three pixels in question.

  8. I know you get this question a lot, but what exposure/f-stop did you use for this picture? Jupiter doesn’t really emit that much light and it’s impressive that you got a pic of it.

  9. thanks for forcing me to clean my screen to determine which of the dots was in the picture.

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