Sunset 1/12/10

Offered up mostly for that speck in the upper left, which is Jupiter.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

14 replies on “Sunset 1/12/10”

Clear and cold in Ohio tonight. A great night for stargazing if you don’t mind the inevitable frost bite…

We had a few sun-breaks today but I haven’t seen any stars for about a month. The Puget Sound does not lend itself to astronomy.

Sometimes I remember that 99% of the solar system is on fire, and nine-tenths of what isn’t on fire, is that dot. Then I think that meh, it’s all just numbers, big numbers but still numbers, and get on with hauling around my personal 1/.2x10e-21 share of this rock here.

I sure wish it wasn’t cloudy here, so I could pull out our new telescope and see Jupiter for myself. Usually I love the weather, but it interferes with stargazing most of the year.

I know you get this question a lot, but what exposure/f-stop did you use for this picture? Jupiter doesn’t really emit that much light and it’s impressive that you got a pic of it.

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