Today’s Completely Context-Free Statement Which Will Make No Sense to Any Of You Now But Will Later, If You Remember It, Which You Probably Won’t

It is:

It’s been a clarifying couple of days, it has.

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  1. Wow. When was the last time you cleaned the windows?

    Thank you! I’ll be here till Thursday! Tip your wait staff!

  2. John’s the new head coach at Tennessee. Or he’s following Leno on NBC. Or…no, too soon for Haiti.

  3. Also, I’m with you, Rembrandt (@3). My official guess is that it’s something to do with TSSPTICTYA. Curiosity piqued.

  4. Is “It’s been a clarifying couple of days” similar to “my, that’s a brave fashion choice”?

  5. Either TSSPTICTYA or…dire news about SGU. I hope it’s the former, because I would have to mope significantly otherwise.

  6. Big fan. Just finished “Agent to the Stars” & am now reading Maus because of it.

    Hate to show my sign, but “TSSPTICTYA”?

    My work’s firewall has blocked this site until the beginning of this year, so am now a daily reader, but am unsure what the short hand above stands for.

    Thanks much!

  7. I’m thinking TSSPTICTYA too

    #14 tommyrocks

    Scalzi has been tormenting us for a while with references to his “The Super Sekret Project That I Can’t Tell You About.”

  8. Typo: “Know” with a k means someone possesses information about something, or “knows” it.

    You want “Now” with no k, meaning “at the present moment”

    You wanted us to be blunt and not pussyfoot around.

    (And now I shall go in the other room and smugly write “alright” over and over again on expensive stationary with a fountain pen, giggling that Scalzi can’t do a damn thing about it.)

  9. my guess – done (at least w/ 1st draft) of TSSPTICTYA

    as in:

    “that TSSPTICTYA is done isn’t it?”
    “it is.”

  10. A comment here about Noxzema would be both unfashionably late and also horribly dated, wouldn’t it?

  11. I’m more concerned with everyone’s fascination with acne. I have a number of physical issues, to be sure, but at age 40, acne isn’t one of them.

  12. Clarity is almost always the best thing. But you’ve made me think of Winston Churchill: “I am always ready to learn, although I do not always enjoy being taught…”

  13. Bearpaw @ 27 Nope. I had to go back to find the ref and cut and pasted it so I am pretty sure it is correct.

  14. Zannah, thankyou. Captain Button figured out the reference – Piffany is a character from Aaron Williams’s comic, “Nodwick.” She is the kindest, nicest, best-est cleric in the universe.

  15. Sihaya, I somehow doubt that was what Captain Button was referring to at all.

    I took it as a reference to LRH’s followers, instead.

    Though thank you for pointing out Nodwick. Looks interesting.

  16. So what do we think this mysterious project actually *is*?? A pilot? A film adaptation of Old Man’s War for some major production company? Because either one of those would be *awesome.*

    Or maybe John’s going to, like, *promise* to shoot a movie of Old Man’s War, but we get to the theatre, and it’s like a three-hour documentary about his cats.

    The horror… the horror…

  17. ghee making you are?
    clear certainly not.
    explain please judge not my size for it matters not.
    Just like miticlorians an jar jar.

  18. Stephen @#42: Sorry, I should have referenced which one of the Cap’s posts I was answering (#28). Yes, I can see how that seemed utterly Dadaist.

  19. @ Edd T
    It would seem that size matters not, but Midichlorian count does. So what he said was true from a certain point of view.

    I have no explanation for Jar Jar.

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