Instant Podcast 1/15/10

So, I had about a half hour to kill so I asked people on Twitter to ask me questions that I could answer in a podcast. And here is that very podcast!

It is 29 minutes and 5 seconds of only the finest of ramblings. Enjoy. And if you wish to download it, here you go.

20 Comments on “Instant Podcast 1/15/10”

  1. Oh yes you did make me do it! I still have the gun marks on the head!

    Or is that peanut butter?

    Here’s what I know. The VA Edition Heinlein collection (here) started out with a company that fell apart in the middle of something like book 6. Then they picked another company and did it all over again. The new books started being pumped out. I’ve got a bunch of them by now–albeit at my home instead of deployed here alas. The new books are nice; they also gave us free downloads from the Heinlein Archives so I now have a bad PDF of one of his military forms.

    Then someone got really sick in December and the last third or so ain’t done. They’re working on that and I sure hope the dang thing is done soon.

  2. I really liked the podcast – keep them coming.

    I had to boost my speakers to maximum to hear it, but a noble first effort.

    I haven’t had the chance to read Android Dreams…not sure it’s my thing…but I’ve read most of what you’ve already written, so I will probably pick it up at some point soon.

  3. Films from 1979 that you might have liked: Apocalypse Now, Alien, Life of Brian, and Manhattan.

  4. Nah, went to a drive-in with my parents. I remember watching and thinking “I will never get to sleep tonight.” Then went home and slept like a baby.

  5. Fun. Again! again!
    Thanks to Todd@4, that reminded me to turn my speakers back down so I don’t get blasted the next time there’s audio.

  6. I watched Alien when I was 10, which was closer to 1992 than 1979, but it scared the hell out of me…

  7. I saw Alien when I was 10, and SO did NOT sleep like a baby that night. Couldn’t bring myself to drink milk for weeks afterwards either.

  8. Great podcast, John! I used to watch a lot of Bruce Lee movies at the local drive-in theatre. Escape from New York was probably my favorite drive-in experience in my teen years. I’m Scalzi’s age, so . . . 13. I was too young to appreciate Apocalypse Now, Life of Brian. I remember sneaking into the drive-in and seeing Flesh Gordon. Ah, the glory days of my pre- Internet porn youth.

  9. Wow – I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but this is the first time I’ve heard you speak. You don’t sound anything like the voice I imagined in my head when I was reading your posts. I love the idea of a random podcast and have downloaded it so I can finish listening to it on my train journey. Thanks.

  10. I have a good 30 minutes of mindless number crunching ahead of me and was just thinking I need something to listen to while I do this. Perfect.

    Liz #14: Speaking of which…I listen to a lot of audio books, but if you listen to Chuck Klosterman read one of his books, everything you read for the next week, you will hear in your head in Chuck’s voice. It’s a trip, at least it was for me.

  11. Liz if you search the site, you’ll see a Bookhaul video Scalzi did. You get to see and hear the man.

  12. Yes, geese are evil/crazy. I was attacked by one when I was four years old. It went after the dangling drawstring on my bathing suit…hit me three or four times before my parents got me the hell out of there.

    Of course this is my kids’ favorite story about my childhood, they bring it up every time they see a goose.

  13. Love the podcast! You should try watching Dexter. It was recommeded to my wife and I. Since we could watch the first 2 seasons instantly on netflix we did. It’s awesome! Might want to wait for Athena goes to bed though.

  14. While I know intellectually that the cat’s name is “Fluffy”, my brain insists on reading as something close to Gloggy with lots of glottal stops.

  15. Just listened to this… your voice sounds nothing like I expected! XD Very fun podcast – I hope you do another at some point. :-)

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