From the “Is There Nothing Sacred” Category

Surely, I thought, surely there is not such a thing as a cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” where the word “guitar” has been replaced by the word “keytar.” But then I remembered: this is the Internet.

I’m as appalled as you are. Appalled, you hear me.

Workspace Context

For everyone congratulating me today on the tidiness of my workspace, I present to you the uncropped desk:

I hope that puts to rest any accusations of personal desktop organization. Thank you for your time.


This is how I’m working today: Manuscript for the Tor version of METAtropolis on the desk (which I am proofing), with keyboard to the side just in case I need to type something. On the monitor: my inbox and a PDF of the Subterranean Press version of METAtropolis, from which I am double-checking the Tor version. Below, completed proofed pages. Coke Zero to the right, gum to the left. Mirror so I can’t be snuck up on by ninjas. Speakers playing classical piano, which is perfect music to proof by. And in the background to the right, just visible, The Mallet of Loving Correction. No, it’s not just a metaphor. I actually have a mallet.

And there you have it: my workspace.