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Surely, I thought, surely there is not such a thing as a cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” where the word “guitar” has been replaced by the word “keytar.” But then I remembered: this is the Internet.

I’m as appalled as you are. Appalled, you hear me.

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  1. ok I’m officially confused….

    1) What the bleep is a keytar anyway?

    2) Given George Harrisons well known peace and
    love ethos, what’s with all the guns etc?

    3) Why? Just why?

  2. I am having so much trouble deciding if this is the worst thing or the best thing.

    Also I didn’t pay attention to the video at all. Just the song.

  3. Loving the “moon-walking” stick figure! Other than that, I wonder what George Harrison would be thinking if he were alive today, or if he would want to join them and write a song about the “double truffle shuffle” whatever the heck that is.

  4. # Purple0limaron

    – I don’t doubt you’re right – my ability to discern detail in crudely drawn stick figure cartoons is obviously below par.

    Still sucks though….

  5. Lemon Demon is responsible for the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, potter puppet pals, and if memory serves a song attacking ebaumsworld. Based on these accomplishments, they get a pass.

  6. # ianmorrison & # ianmorrison

    Kind of you to put in the link to the paintadventure site – that said I went there and couldn’t make head nor tale of it.

    yet again….sigh!

    I still think however somethings should be beyond parody/mash up/whatever.

  7. Looking at my last comment it’s just as well I’m not a writer as there are just so many things wrong with it….where did my education get to?

  8. @jeff: You have probably noticed that MS Paint Adventures tends towards the surrealist bent, being a webcomic that apes text adventure games where what the readers suggest becomes the next command. It gets bizarre *quick*.

  9. What I want to know is this: Why the hell were you wondering about this? And don’t you realize what your idle mental meanderings hath wrought?

    Good lord, man! That’s 4:16 of my life I’ll never get back. You’ll be hearing from my temporal lawyer.

  10. I thought they passed a law in the early 90s banning lousy electronic-techno-(I refuse to call it)-music like this.

    No, wait, maybe I just dreamt that, but dammit, it was a good and worthy dream. Yes, I am appalled.

  11. You know, I think George would’ve been amused: I mean, the guy did finance Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian,” so he clearly had a bit of a warped sense of humor.

  12. I’m at work and can’t watch the video so I thought I would get a sense of WTF was going on by people’s comments now I’m more confused and kind of can’t wait to get home to watch it… hmm… hehe (insert evil laugh here)

  13. Watched. Shook head, got first demiliter of coffee, drank. Watched again.

    ISDGI. [The creators] be some strange people.

    Filed under: bwuh, Rule 34.

  14. I’m sure it’s because I’m a broken human that I thoroughly enjoyed both the song and the video. I won’t go so far as to say that either are objectively good, but I enjoyed them.

  15. Come on, Dudes!!!! Lighten up!!!

    That was so like chock full of AWSOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!

    George had a Great sense of humor ( I mean, like he worked all those years with Ringo) and is up there laughing his ass off.
    My 13 yr old was digging it. Did you show it to your daughter?

  16. Ah, that was freaking awesome.
    MSpaint Adventures is also an insane level of goodness. The two, combined, just improved my workday.

  17. Ok so Just sat down at my computer since I got home from work and decided to give this a go… OMFG!! is all I got to say!!

    I think in order for this to make ANY sense you got to be tripping on some pretty good shit, and since that is never a good idea I think we will just live in confusion with this one!!

    Did have entertainment value cause I did watch it and couldn’t shut it off… LOL

  18. Heck, I just sat through Rathergood’s video “The Internet is Made of Cats.” Musically, this is relatively harmless.

  19. Well my girlfriend has a keytar. I’m almost ashamed to say it. Fortunately I am of the generation that has no clue what the original song was or sounded like, so no hopes and dreams were shattered. I did find the video slightly appalling however. And a keytar is an 80’s intrument. kind of like a Keyboard on a stick, where all the synthesizers and techno stuff goes on the stick. it’s another product of the 80’s that made me glad I came too late to remember that era.

  20. Apparently this is in the “I’m to old to understand” category. Clicking on over to You Tube shed a little bit of light on this besides the comments here concerning MS Paint Adventures (which seems like a pretty neat concept). The piece “While My Keytar Gently Weeps” is actually a music comedy piece done by someone who calls himself “Lemon Demon” and his MySpace site shows him with the instrument. I’m inclined to agree with Dave Huss @ 31 and Sihaya @35: that this is relatively harmless and all in good fun.

  21. If this kind of thing appalls you, I recommend avoiding the three albums by “Moog Cookbook”. If this kind of thing floats your boat, I recommend their cover of “Hotel California” off of 1997’s “Plays the Classic Rock Hits”.

  22. You’re surely not as appalled as I am to have found a new printing of Conrad’s The Nigger of the Narcissus, with the word “nigger” replaced, in the title and throughout the text, with the phrase “n-word.” But then I remembered: this is the American publishing industry in the 21st century. Let it die quickly.

  23. Any song that can say “while my guitar gently weeps” with a straight face should be spoofed. Sure, it’s great musically, but it seems to take itself too seriously. Everything stupid, inane, confusing or silly in that video just highlights that beautifully. This is high art my friends!

    And the keytar thing here is genius. I don’t know who it is that thought …

    “Keyboardists just don’t get chicks because they can’t dance, it doesn’t matter how tight their pants are. But wait! Maybe, just maybe, if we put a guitar neck and strap on it, slap some buttons on the neck so you can adjust the voices, BOOM!, the Musician can dance around with it, instantly making him a chick magnet!”

    …but they were delightfully wrong. :D

  24. Hi, new reader to the blog, long-time fan of your books.

    Is nothing sacred? How about the disco version of “A Love Supreme” thats gets played by the muzak service in my gym.

    Ay carumba.

  25. George Harrison + Neil Cicierega + Andrew Hussie = universe exploding awesomeness. Trufact.

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