A Small Piece of Advice to Hopeful “Big Idea” Participants

It is:

Query first, and don’t write up a Big Idea piece until/unless you have a confirmed date from me. Why? Because there are going to be times when I say “sorry, no space,” and you’ll have written that essay for nothing. And I’d hate for you to waste your time like that.

So, please query first. Thanks.

11 Comments on “A Small Piece of Advice to Hopeful “Big Idea” Participants”

  1. It strikes me, though I am not an author, that writing an essay intended for the Big Idea that is never to be might not be a TOTAL waste of time. If nothing else, it would help organize and focus thoughts about what makes your book unique, which might be useful in other marketing venues.

    Just, you know, in case anyone already wrote theirs before querying. Now you don’t have to feel too bad.

  2. Ben, Kyle:

    In most cases, non-fiction outlets want to be queried rather than be presented with an article which may or may not fit the needs of the venue. So, no, actually, it wouldn’t necessarily be useful at all to write it out.

    Betsy, likewise while I think it’s useful for authors to outline what about their book makes it special for the purpose of pitching it to venues, writing out a very specific type of article isn’t necessarily useful.

    Writers are busy enough; having them write full articles of a very specific type is a lot of extra work, for a benefit that could be realized more compactly.

  3. I have this novel idea about a struggling writer who works as an IT drone at an insurance company and is going to college in his middle age. His wife is a hot blonde.

    OK, that last part is based on me.

    Do I need to wait until iUniverse says my check cleared before I can do The Big Idea?

  4. Most of my ideas right now are somewhat small. Like realising I don’t know for how long I managed to miss the Lucious Johnson quote/snippet.

  5. I only recently made it visible again, is probably why.

    Aw, shucks. I felt like such an insider hitting ctrl-a every so often to see what the invisible quote was.

  6. Will their be a grace period for the authors in question, or was I too stupid to realize you had this limitation on the Big Idea submission post from the start?

    … I wouldn’t be surprised if I hadn’t read closely enough myself.

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