Just Arrived, 1/19/10

Let’s see what we’ve got:

* A Stain on the Silence, by Andrew Taylor. Taylor won the 2009 Cartier Diamond Dagger from the UK’s Crime Writer’s Association, which is going to be awesome in an upcoming game of Clue. In this literary thriller, a middle-age fellow discovers a daughter he never had — on the run for murder! And pregnant! It’s always something. Out 2/16 from Hyperion.

* Wild Hunt, by Margaret Ronald. The sequel to Ronald’s debut urban fantasy, Spiral Hunt, which was featured in a Big Idea last year. Wild Hunt will also be the subject of a Big Idea real soon now. Out now, from Eos.

* An ARC of Black Blade Blues, by J.A. Pitts. Dragons! Among us! As shapeshifters! Debut urban fantasy. Out May 2010 from Tor.

* Jesus Freak, by Sara Miles. The founder of San Francisco’s St. Gregory Food Pantry explores faith and her own late-in-life conversion. Out early February from Josey-Bass Books. Miles will also be contributing a Big Idea essay in the near future.

7 Comments on “Just Arrived, 1/19/10”

  1. Sara Miles’ previous book Take This Bread(*) was terrific. Look forward to the new one.

    (* Consumer advisory: contains extensive discussion of the author’s conversion to Christianity, along the lines of Anne Lamott’s religious writing. If that is like fingernails on a blackboard to you, you probably won’t like it.)

  2. Yay, finally Wild Hunt!

    I’ll be watching for that Big Idea entry too, as the one for Spiral Hunt is what made me buy the book.

  3. I’m always tempted to look at one of those ‘late life conversion’ books, but I’d find myself looking at it as a study of what went wrong with them and why, which strikes me as a poor use of my time.

    Black Blade Blues and A Stain on the Silence sound promising though.

  4. evilj

    Channeling a Charlie Brown Halloween special are we?

    Between these posts and the Big Idea posts, I never have to worry about finding new possibilities to read.

    Thanks John, it helps a lot, as I really rather have an intro of some kind instead of trying a new author cold

  5. THIS is what I get for getting a little behind on Whatever. I was at the bookstore today and didn’t know Wild Hunt was out. Spent my money on something else. Guess I will have to go back, because I liked Spiral Hunt a lot.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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