Judge Sn: The Abridged Audio Version

Hey there, kids! I and Subterranean Press have got a present for you: An abridged audio version of “Judge Sn Goes Golfing,” the short story of mine set in the universe of The Android’s Dream, which was published as a stand-alone chapbook by SubPress.

The audio version is the version that I read live when I was on my book tour a couple of years ago: shorter than the full written version, and with most of the truly salty profanity trimmed out, on account that I’m hesitant to bellow the f-word in a bookstore with a children’s department in it. But as anyone who went to one of my bookstore appearances can tell you, this version is still pretty good.

If you enjoy the audio version, consider picking up the chapbook to get the full, unabridged story. The chapbooks are signed by me, and feature the really rather awesome illustrations of Gahan Wilson, a fact which still causes me to squee in an positively unmanly fashion whenever I think about it. The chapbook’s available from Subterranean Press directly (follow the link above) or from Amazon.

One technical note: For some reason, the audio is a bit low volume when I listen to it (I didn’t record it that way, I swear), so you might want to turn it up a bit. There’s a bit of intro of me blathering, so you can adjust to taste there.

Happy listening!

11 Comments on “Judge Sn: The Abridged Audio Version”

  1. Sweet! I got the chapbook and the signed limited TGE in the post last week after they had made their transatlantic voyage to me here in Ireland. Kudos to Subterranean Press for the distribution as well, both books arrived in pristine condition.

  2. I just got my copy from Subterranean Press in the mail late last week. This just reminded me to read it!

    BTW: Great artwork and yet another Scalzi for the collection.

  3. D’oh. It is indeed. (In my defence, I have flu, and I haven’t got around to reading it yet….) I’m going to go away and be embarrased in a corner now.

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