Dear The Internets: I Am Running For President of SFWA

Yes, you read that right. Just a few moments ago I formally sent my candidacy letter to the Elections Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and also posted it to the SFWA Web forums. But so the rest of you know as well, I’m telling you here, too.

Posted below the cut is my candidacy letter, if you are interested in what such a thing looks like, and also what my platform and positions are — and who is running with me, as part of a slate of candidates, all committed to the same goals for SFWA. And for those of you who can’t wait, here’s who the VP candidate for our slate is.

If you are a SFWA member, I hope you’ll read this letter here or in the SFWA forums and consider giving your vote to me and the fellow members of our slate. If you are eligible to be a SFWA member but are not, please consider joining SFWA and helping us continue to build the organization. Thanks.

Dear SFWA members:

Hi there, I’m John Scalzi and I am running for President of SFWA.


For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

  • I’ve been a member of SFWA since 2003. Pretty much my first act upon receiving my signed contracts for my first novel was to fax the contract to SFWA so I could join the organization.
  • I have been a full-time professional writer since 1990. My first full-time writing job was as a film critic for the Fresno Bee newspaper, where I was also a syndicated humor columnist. In 1996 I joined America Online as its in-house writer and editor. In 1998 I went freelance, which included doing corporate consulting for online and financial services companies (including Network Solutions, Oppenheimer Funds and US Trust) as well as writing for newspapers (Washington Post, Dayton Daily News), magazines (Official US Playstation Magazine, MBA Jungle) and book clients (Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, National Geographic).
  • I have been an author since 2000, when my first book, The Rough Guide to Money Online, was published. My first novel, Old Man’s War, was published in 2005. Since then I have published 14 books, divided equally between fiction and non-fiction. In addition to writing science fiction I am also the Creative Consultant for Stargate: Universe, a science fiction television series airing on the Syfy Network, and also a columnist for, writing on the subject of science fiction film.
  • In the genre my work has been nominated for seven Hugo Awards, including three Best Novel nominations (in 2006, 2008 and 2009). I have been awarded two Hugos. I am also the recipient of the Campbell Award (2006), the Geffen Award (Best translated science fiction in Israel) and the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award (Science Fiction category). My work has been additionally nominated for the Seiun Award, Sidewise Award and the Prometheus Award and has been a finalist for the Locus Awards.
  • For SFWA I have served as the Chairman of the Exploratory Copyright Committee in 2007, and was a participant in the committee which examined and recommended revisions to SFWA bylaws in 2009. I previously ran for the office of SFWA President in 2007.
  • I live in Bradford, Ohio, with my wife Kristine and daughter Athena.


I believe that my professional and personal experience gives me a perspective that will be useful as president of our organization. Specifically:

  • My status as an actively publishing writer means I am engaged at all levels of our industry and have relevant personal experience in the issues facing science fiction and fantasy writers today.
  • I am well-known within the industry and can use my personal contacts with editors, publishers and other industry executives for the advantage of SFWA and its members.
  • My knowledge of and personal experience in related industries (non-fiction publishing, online publishing, film and television) will allow me to provide a wide base of insider knowledge for the benefit of the organization.
  • I have been publicly and privately a vocal supporter of fair compensation for SF/F writers for their work, and for the rights of writers to control their work online and offline, and would continue to be so as President.
  • I have long been a supporter of SFWA publicly and privately and have encouraged writers to join, benefit from and contribute to SFWA, and would use the position of President to amplify that message.


While I am running for the position of President of SFWA, I do not believe that the position functions in isolation — the President works with the Board of SFWA, for the benefit of SFWA’s members. To that end, I am not running alone but am running with a slate of other board candidates, which include:

  • Mary Robinette Kowal for Vice-President
  • Bob Howe for Secretary
  • Amy Sterling-Casil for Treasurer
  • Sean Williams for Overseas Representative

While each candidate has his or her own goals, our slate goals for the 2010-2011 SFWA administration are simple:

  • To finish the hard and useful work begun by the current administration to put the organization on solid ground;
  • To continue SFWA’s path toward institutional stability and member growth and retention.

1. Top priority is to focus on those things already in process which might still be in process come July. These include:

  • Re-incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Operations, Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Policies and initiatives regarding member copyrights (Google Books Settlement, etc)

By and large we are committed to concluding these processes as begun by the current administration if necessary, in particular the re-incorporation as a non-profit organization in California, which will allow us to

  • Start administering the SFWA legal and medical funds as tax-deductible entities;
  • Allow SFWA to apply and then administer federal/state/local grants to the benefit of our members

Beyond and as a consequence of the above we will also seek to

  • Finalize SFWA diversity and sexual harrassment policies;
  • Begin search (pending ratification of by-laws) of SFWA CEO

2. Secondarily, we will fine-tune or initiate the following:

  • Our member volunteer process, to match willing member volunteers to SFWA needs;
  • Member communication, to send pertinent information about and regarding SFWA to its members in the most visible and efficient possible way;
  • Member education, to help our members stay current with SFWA news and initiatives;
  • Outreach to organizations who would be interested in our members (conventions, book fairs, organizations looking for speakers, etc);
  • Outreach to writers who could be members of SFWA but who are not

3. Beyond this we will continue to explore avenues that allow the size and focus of the organization to benefit our members, including revisiting health insurance coverage possibilities for our members.

I have been fortunate in my science fiction career and being a member of SFWA has been a part of that good fortune. I look forward to serving the organization with this slate of board candidates and to help SFWA to improve and to continue to be a useful part of our members’ careers.

108 Comments on “Dear The Internets: I Am Running For President of SFWA”

  1. John,

    When you become President, I demand (yes, DEMAND) cookies, magical sparkle ponies, and a reversal of any of the really silly decisions made by the previous administration.

    Also, mad props to Mary for dragging the SFWA, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

    BUT. I will not call you “El Jefe” if you win. Maybe “El Guapo”. Because I know what “infamous” actually means.


  2. Hey, John, will you pay me if I let you repost a Battlestar Galactica fanfic story I wrote in junior high so I can meet the minimum criteria to join SFWA? I promise to kick back a couple bucks to Glenn Larson and Ron Moore to satisfy licensing requirements.

    Think of it as ethically buying a vote.

    Well, sort of…

  3. You do look good as a grizzled sea captain. In this economy, it’s good to have a backup career in mind!

  4. Oh man, I have to published to be a member of SFWA? They are keeping the workers out! When you win, open the doors so the workers can triumph!

  5. Just as long as you’re aware that the job perks do not, in fact, include a bitchin’ custom 747 to shuttle you from and to SF conventions. Also, no motorcades.

  6. Wish I could vote (well, partly because that would mean I sold something). I’d vote for you. I love your hair and hope you win!

  7. We all know John candidacy is just a front for Ghlaghghee. Soon, the cats will rule the world. The world! Bwahahahaha.

    And, I too ask for sparkle unicorns.

    But in all seriousness, good luck, John. Even though it means we’ll see another year without significant fiction output by you.

  8. John,

    what a DREAM TICKET!

    You and your slate have the complete and unquestioning endorsement of the hastily formed SFBWKWGFE (Science Fiction Bloggers What Knows What’s Good Fer ‘Em) – non-eligible for SFWA membership branch!

    Good luck!

  9. Darn, I wish being published in a trade journal qualified me for membership. I’d be happy to stuff the ballot box on your behalf.

    Good luck!

  10. I am unable to properly evaluate the entertainment potential of this without knowing who’s running against you. Since I’m not allowed to vote, that’s my only stake in the matter.

    I’m rooting for an opponent who will maximize the comedy possibilities. Do you think there’s any chance of Newt Gingrich throwing his hat in the ring? He does have an alternate-history novel…

  11. Is this the clarifying thing you were talking about a couple weeks back? You said I’d forget and I didn’t. (Unless I’m wrong, in which case I may yet.)

  12. Great position paper. I hope you win (though as a non-member, my hope for you is worth less than one metric tinker’s damn).

    It’s sincere, though, which does add to the resale value.

  13. If I were running for SFWA president as you, I would find some way to add that you’re neither a Luddite nor a utopian about electronic book distribution, and you are reasonably knowledgeable about it. Since that’s going to be tremendously important soon, and the signs of mass-market interest are probably going to start being objectively visible in the next year or two. (I do see that item II. bullet point 4 relates to that area.)

  14. I think you’ll do well as President, John. You have everything the job rquires and perhaps a little more. I guess you know what you’re getting yourself into: politics, politics and more politics. That which you survive will make you stronger.

  15. John, not that I’m eligible to join, but as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, I’m curious…where does the bylaws revision stand, and has it had any professional parliamentary review? Note that this is not the same as a legal review, as lawyers are very unfamiliar with parliamentary procedure and bylaws and how organizations actually work.

  16. Huh. Guess I better get that SFWA membership form in if I wanna foster the revolution. SF/F Writers of the Word unite! (Hey, how about a snazzy black-on-red fist holding a pen for the flag?)

  17. Now I shall have to start righting Science Fiction. They apparently let anyone become President (assuming you win but I figured you have already bought off all the key votes) ;)

  18. I’ve been wondering if this might be in the cards…

    You’ve go my support, but alal, not an actual vote.

    (I’m the representative for Leprecon, Inc.’s institutional membership which doesn’t have a vote).

  19. I see the Sparkle Pony lobby already has its claw…tentacl…hoofs in the Candidate.

    Thank you Supreme Court…

  20. Also, love that Theo Black illustration. You think we could get a file of that to make a transfer, to iron onto a t-shirt, so as to wear it at the next con? I can not vote, but I can promote. Now for a good tag line…Rock the Boat! Scalzi for SFWA President.

  21. I am notably wobbly about the SFWA. When I was a writer in my teens, I wanted to join. Then I got older and started noticing a certain “you kids get off my lawn” mentality which made me less likely to want to join should I get my pro sales. But Mary Robinette Kowal and you as a team would certainly have me rethinking that.

  22. Now, this is not a criticism, just curiosity: last time there was a SFWA kerfuffle, I remember you saying that you had no interest in trying to run that particular zoo. (I suppose I could have hallucinated that; it’s been known to happen.) Assuming I didn’t hallucinate that, what changed? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  23. I hope you win, but without a vote I cannot help. However, I’m currently working on getting SFWA membership, so perhaps I’ll be able to vote for you next election (or if you could nudge a few elbows in the coming weeks you might get a crucial extra vote, although it would be highly ironic if one individual vote actually made the difference).

  24. Columbina:

    The last time I waded in regarding an election event, I noted that I didn’t have the time or the permission from the spouse to run. This time I have the latter and theoretically have the former.

  25. Great slate, barring a resuscitated Isaac Asimov running against you, you’ll have my vote. Two questions:

    1) Who else is running for office other than your slate? I don’t see a listing at

    2) I saw the item about a search for a CEO for SFWA. SFWA already has an ED (I think that’s the correct title). Will you or someone on your slate elaborate on this at some point?

  26. John@35: Did your recent weekend jaunt have anything to do with gaining permission to run? If so, you sure got a lot of mileage out of your creme brulee. (Take note, registered voters – this is the kind of person you want as your president. He knows how to get things done, with style!)

    TGA@29: I think the flag would look good on the front of a Greek fisherman’s cap. The whole thing would make an excellent cover illustration for “Thoughts of Chairman Meow.”

  27. If I could vote for SFWA President, You would have my vote! Your solgan should be “Change You Can Bekive In” Oh wait, thats be taken!
    Good Luck on your campaign.

  28. Larry Hodges:

    1) I don’t know who else is running outside of our slate. We are the first to announce.

    2) The CEO would have the job description that’s generally associated with the Executive Director position; the ED position within SWFA is different and less expansive as regards its powers and job duties.

    Dave H:

    No, I had permission to run before this weekend. We’ve been working on this for a couple of months.

  29. Question from an aspiring Canadian writer — specifically one who expects writing to be at best a “backup career” rather than a living: Assuming I eventually sell something and qualify, why should I join the SFWA? (I know what their website says, but I’d love to hear your take on it, especially since you joined immediately upon qualifying.)

    I don’t expect you to answer with any detail, but since you say above you’ve been encouraging writers to join I figured you might have an old post you could point us to. :) OTOH, if your answer is simply “see the FAQ“, that makes sense too.

  30. Congratulations on running for SFWA president, Mr Scalzi. Though I can’t vote, I wish you the best of luck in your campaign, and I hope you will be able to make the changes you outlined in your letter.

  31. Erf:

    The FAQ there does in fact tell you what I would say, although more briefly. First it’s a community of writers with which to share ideas, information and concerns. Second, it’s an organization which has your back in times of trouble (through the medical and legal funds and also the grievance committee), and helps you avoid trouble in the first place. Third, it allows science fiction pros to speak with one voice on topics that matter to us (for example, the Google Books settlement). Fourth, we give away nice awards.

    Plus there’s the fact that you get to have a lot of squee when you chat up the science fiction and fantasy authors you idolize. Yes, yes. That.

  32. Larry @ 38: If Isaac Asimov were to suddenly be resuscitated, he’d have to get up to speed on the whacky new ways of distribution, and whatnot. While I think he could do it, I’m sure that it might be a kindness to let the poor Asimov-zombie acclimatize slowly.

  33. Waiiiit a minute . . . . is this the super secret secret thing you were secretly keeping a top secret secret?

  34. Dear Generalissimo-to-Be Scalzi:

    While I am quite pleased by the announcement of your candidacy, the complete lack of any mention of bacon in this manifesto concerns me greatly. Perhaps the Nebula Awards could be accompanied by a Bacon Explosion™ for each of the winners. I believe you are familiar with my work in this area, and I would be more than happy to discuss this project with the new administration, at your convenience.

  35. I second the t-shirt idea, though unfortunately for me you’d probably have to restrict them to SFWA members. Gotta raise cash for TV ads in the major markets, after all!

  36. Typo??
    “Allow SFWA to apply *FOR* and then administer federal/state/local grants to the benefit of our members ”

    And just what is your position on the Google Books settlement? (and apologies if it is already stated somewhere in the archives.)

  37. While I’m rooting for you from a distance (as a fan rather than a writer), what I really want to see from this is another “anti-campaign” video from Athena (assuming she doesn’t think it’ll jinx you or something). “Please, please, please don’t vote for him, you’ll be sorry if you do, because he could get you lost in the forest, and then you’ll have to eat a raccoon….”–man, I wish negative campaigning in non-SFWA politics was half that creative.

  38. But Mr. Scalzi, there’s still the unresolved issue of how you made Athena’s girl scout troop eat a racoon, that did serious damage to your 2007 candidacy. How will you respond?

  39. You wrote for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader!? Wow. I think I memorized the entire third volume over the course of my teenage years. I applaud you, sir.

  40. I’m planning to vote for whichever candidate promises to do least. I’m getting sick of activist presidents.

    As a tie breaker, I’ll vote for whichever candidate promises to undo the most of the previous president’s changes.

  41. You forgot to mention in your letter that you possess one of the requisite mandatory domestic animal for SFWA members, to wit, cats.

  42. If I have no more interesting news for you soon, then the answer will be yes!

    So this is Schroedinger’s Interesting News?

  43. Given that the phrase “Greetings, Gentlebeings!” doesn’t appear anywhere in the announcement, I think this is a fine start to the campaign.

    It does sadden me a little, though, that things have already started going negative, what with the Catsy folk muddying the previously-purified waters, and the mascot on the flag and all. Soon the Doggie-folk will be airing YouTube vidoes casting aspersions on the fitness of Scalzi to rule whatever-it-is SFWA Presidents rule, what with his obvious preference for, ick, of all things, felinity-related issues. The Raccoon Lobby will obviously be a darkhorse strawman front, what with their demand for an apology for the whole cookery and eatery incident, while never quite agreeing to an acceptable compromise, all the while appearing as if they’re amenable to a reproachment, and it’s not them but the candidate that is dragging feet and resisting. Other folks have already raised the spectre of RacoonGate, so there’s really nothing for me to add regarding said controversy, except to advise John to get his version out early, and often. Best way to control the spin, really.

  44. Good on ya! I can vote and will. I’m all for SFWA looking forward and progressing rather than stagnating.

  45. Re: Being Rich
    Hi John,
    Good luck on the SFWA election.
    I bought “Old Mans War” on Amazon 6 weeks ago, and have since read every one of your books, except for “Zoes Tale” and “Agent to the Stars” which I ordered on Amazon today.
    Great reads! Thanks. I hope more are coming.
    I suggest that you supplement “Being Poor” with insights on being rich. I myself started poor, got rich, got poor again, and am working on “rich” once more. Being rich can be just as comical as being poor. And since you are experiencing success, you may have some insights. Below are some “being rich” points from my own experience:
    Being rich is not knowing what anything costs.

    Being rich is taking Mom to Europe for Mothers Day.

    Being rich is the feeling of panic when you realize that all that money did not make you any less geeky.

    Being rich is staying in these unbelievable 5 star hotels.

    Being rich is standing in the lobby of the 5 star hotel and wondering: “Why are these really cute girls talking to me?”

    Being rich is deciding to invest by buying a nice, solid, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a good neighborhood, and then getting financially prequalified by the real estate agent’s finance guy, and then having the real estate agent insist on showing you every huge monster house she can find as the only houses available.

    Being rich is that nice feeling when a good friend who is in dire financial straits calls you up and you say: “No problem”.


  46. @49 re having time to still write novels:
    Mary Robinette managed to find time to write her first novel while serving as secretary to SFWA. Along with moving across the country as well! This may have something to do with her superpowers, but I suspect Scalzi, too, will find time to write novels, should he desire.

  47. Oh, and good luck to all members of the Scalzi-Kowal platform.

    Was the title to this post a shoutout to Conan O’Brien (Dear Internets)?

  48. Me thinks Geoff Landis is a pretty smart guy, a fact we really can’t deny. That said, I’m sticking with Rock The Boat and Vote for Scalzi, he wants some change, he wants to try.

    Besides, everyone likes John cuz he’s cute and cuddly, like a sexy little teddy bear; and he writes really well too! Goldilocks says, “Vote for John, cuz he’s just right.” Mmmm, time to go eat my porridge.

  49. Nathalie:

    SFWA already recognizes a number of online publications as qualifying markets (for example, Strange Horizons), so authors being published there have those publications count toward membership.

  50. 1. How soon do you propose to be invincible?

    2. Invisible Head Cat has just propounded to me the radical Ailurocrat manifesto: “ELECT US, INSECTS, OR WE WILL DESTROY THE COSMOS!” How would you respond?

    3. Due to a tiresome technicality left over from SFWA’s pre-Colombian era, I have been informed that my Internet megahit Xara Warrior Governor vs Luthienne Tintagel: Love and War and Lurrrve! accidentally fails to meet the eligibility criteria, despite the fact that literally everybody I know has heard of it, and that public interest in it has totally clocked my page hit counter! Also, I know many other coming authors in just the same boat, albeit comparatively travelling in steerage! What progress do you anticipate making under your Presidency towards justice for this potentially numberless horde of fanatically loyal minions, hint hint?

  51. Dear Mr. Scalzi,
    Good luck in your run for president. I notice you are siding with those silly SFWA folks against noble Google. I represent Google. Cross us in any way and our cash will bury you. Have a nice day. :)

  52. Oh, you brave, brave foolish man! God bless you for for running and I sure hope you win. I’m not a member or I’d vote for you, campaign for you,whatever it takes. I cannot think of anyone I’d rather see in this position. It’s a thankless job and I have no doubt you will grind your teeth in frustration at times, but the work you will do is invaluable to the organization and future generations of members.

    Back when the debacle around the epiracy committee was unleashed on the intertubes, this is just the sort of thing I meant when people were threatening to “vote with their feet”. The organization as a whole is a good one and the only real change can come from within, via dedication and commitment like this.
    I hope that I will one day be able to join, but, until then, I hope more people like you keep stepping up to keep things going and in a direction that makes me still want to join.

    On another note, have you thought about a campaign slogan? T-shirt maybe? You can donate the proceeds to the emergency medical fund or something…
    I know I’d buy such a t-shirt, just to show my support. Seriously.

    Good luck.

  53. John,
    As a SFWA member, I was wondering about this point:

    “Finalize SFWA diversity and sexual harrassment [sic] policies”

    Two questions:

    1. What is the actual draft of this policy?
    2. Why was their felt to be a need for such policy? To the best of my knowledge, SFWA has always been welcoming of anyone that met the eligibility criteria, and if there has been a sexual harassment issue within SFWA itself, I am personally unaware of it. Is this a requirement for incorporation in California, or other legal/liability reasons?

  54. ‘Tis madness to be such enraged. To seek vengeance on a dumb animal is blasphemous!

    May God forgive you, Ahab. May God forgive you.

  55. SFWA does indeed recognize several online pubs as qualifiers.

    For a campaign button/T-shirt design, may I suggest a woochuck in ‘scope crosshairs? Classic!

  56. Hi Lawrence, I thought I would tackle this one since I’m on the current board.

    1. What is the actual draft of this policy?
    The statment is in the draft of the membership criteria that the board is working on for the Operations Policies and Procedures Manual (OPPM). We’ll show it to the membership before they vote on the bylaws so they have a chance to comment. Since it is in draft form I need to check with the board before sharing the current incarnation.

    2. Why was their felt to be a need for such policy?
    This is something I’ve been pushing for because SFWA, and science fiction and fantasy in general, has a reputation of being unwelcoming to minorities and women. The fact that SFWA does welcome a diverse membership is too important to be left unstated.

    As for a sexual harassment policy, I can tell you that this is needed. We can’t and shouldn’t police members behavior in their normal lives, but at SFWA events and in SFWA webspaces it is important that people know that they are safe and that there is a defined policy to handle harassment.

  57. Network Geek, like I suggested earlier this week, just make a file available (in a while?). You can make a transfer and put it on a T-shirt, a hat, a tank top or bag, you could even put it on a corset or a flag. Send it to SFWA members along with some swag; it’s not a bribe, it’s not a gag, it’s serious business, so let’s not lag.

  58. Is James Cameron a member? If so, he might insist your change your name to the proper spelling in his universe: Scalz’i

  59. This certainly should be amusing. I’ll vote for you, John. My first suggestion is to start featuring SFWA fiction in the Bulletin… focus on showcasing the new members and the dead members or something if the nervous nellies are too concerned about whose work gets picked.

    My second suggestion is that membership be expanded to game writers. They already write more SF/F text and make more money than many members do. They’re also much more influential on the SF/F-consuming market. And in another ten years, they may even outnumber the “real” writers.

  60. Best of luck; it sounds like a stellar slate. :)

    Adding game writers is an interesting suggestion that I’d support (not that I’m biased ‘cos I have roots there or anything). They do write SF/F “fiction” by any meaningful definition, and it could broaden the organization’s membership by quite a bit.

    Alas, I am not an SFWA member and so cannot vote. I suppose I qualify, these days, but fall into that category of writers who didn’t see much in it for them, and so never signed up.

  61. …actually, given the fact that he has a cat in his campaign banner, I think rule 62 probably takes effect, and I’ll have to vote for him regardless of his platform.
    @The Gray Area (#77): I’m not sure about your rhyming of “Scalzi” with “guy” “deny” and “try”. You may want to work on that one a little more. Nice beat to it, though.

  62. Geoffrey Landis, Moliere I’m not : ) Glad at least the beat worked. Perhaps I’ll work on it and come up with a catchy campaign rap.

    Oh Zoe…(sigh). You know a story is great when it makes you laugh, and keeps your interest, then takes your heart and squeezes until the pain travels up and out your eyes.

  63. So if all of this comes to pass, and someone knocks you off, does the gorgeous & delightful Mary Robinette Kowal then become President ?

    Hmmm…. ;->

  64. The somewhat shorter and more efficient and less bloodbathful way to do that would be to just vote for Mary Robinette Kowal directly for prez, David H.

    But she seems to prefer having a Scalzi-shaped figurehead from the party slate they jointly presented. Why not let John bask in his brief glory while she manipulates everything behind the scenes?

  65. Dear John Scalzi,
    Candidate for President of SFWA

    Do you know what writers of science fiction really need? They need a Manuscript Outpost For Expatriates (MOFE). You obviously know how difficult it is for writers living abroad to send out manuscripts with SASEs. You mentioned it way back when. Expatriates need a place that could handle all their manuscript needs, from printing their manuscripts on 81/2 X 11 pager, sending them out with SASEs, receiving return mail, and rerouting the mail back to the writer overseas or wherever. Fees could be paid electronically, Paypal in particular.

    This would also help out unpublished writers living abroad. If I could send my manuscripts through the virtual printers MOFE for a reasonable price, I’d be much further along in my writing life. I could have sent stories to the Big Three over the last three years. I could have sent my manuscripts to publishing houses in New York. I could have… I would imagine that there are 100s if not 1000s of writing who could benefit from such a business. SFWA could actually subsidize their expenses with such an enterprise. Everyone in the world of science fiction would benefit from such a thing.

    Just a passing thought,
    Ronald J. McIsaac

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