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Posts like this are why one of the best blogs you can read right now just happens to be written by a 90-year-old man.

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  1. I had already found Fred Pohl’s blog, but I’m really glad to see he’s getting wide exposure. Thanks, John.

  2. Only trouble is, I keep caught up with Pohl’s blog with a weekly reading. It’s not the full time endeavor that this blog is.

    There’s no way I’d miss his blog.

  3. Your link is to 1/2 of his two volume autobiography.

    I enjoyed those books, but not as much as _Pohl’s The Way the Future Was_.

  4. Wow. Stuff like that brings home to me just what an absolute treasure trove people of my grandparent’s generation are. And to have one in cyberspace! This made my day! Thanks John!

  5. Well Done JOHN…. to know what and how the past makes the future you could not have done a better find, than with a grand old master of Science Fiction and his memories.

    That just makes me smile harder…

  6. I’ve been following Pohl’s blog for a while. As a young science fiction reader in the 50’s, Asimov and Heinlein were gods to me. And, finding any science fiction in the public libraries in those days required stamina.

    I first knew Pohl’s work in his collaborations with Kornbluth. His recent blogs about the Futurians have been fascinating.

    If you haven’t seen the blog before and, you’re interested in the history of SF, go back through some of his earlier posts.

  7. I had no idea that Frederik Pohl had a blog, and I’m thankful to you for filling this terrible gap in my knowledge. This is great stuff.

  8. Eeep! I skipped class today to get “work” done at home, but have been completely derailed by Mr. Pohl’s blog! I blame YOU, Mr. Scalzi! >:|

    …but also thank you. It’s a fantastic read!

  9. Awesome link. Also awesome – Mr. Pohl literally lives one two towns over from me. Not that I am going to stalk him or anything, I just think it’s cool that a titan of SF is so close. It’s inspiring.

  10. @Howard Brazee So the dean of living science fiction writers — a 90-year-old man who has the use of only one hand — is working on a new novel AND a second volume of memoirs AND blogging at least weekly … and you’re complaining about his level of output?

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