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Meanwhile, On the Home Front, I Have Growing Suspicions My Male Cats Are Totally Gay

It’s because in the last several days I have come across Zeus and Lopsided Cat openly and enthusiastically grooming and gently headbutting each other in open, conspicuous places, followed by a casual glance over to me as if to say “What? You have a problem with two male cats showing their affection for each other […]

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Obligatory Quick Assessment of the iPad

Like the size and form factor (the bezel could be shaved down a bit), and can see this or something like it eventually replacing my netbook and allowing me to skip a dedicated e-reader entirely. On the other hand, in the real world outside Steve Jobs’ head, a modern computer should be able to handle […]

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iPad Book Availability: No Idea

I’m already being asked if my books will be available on the iPad. As Macmillan (which owns Tor) appears to be part of that book thing Apple’s doing with the iPad, my guess is, uh, probably?, at least as far as my Tor books are concerned. Although of course the random and haphazard nature of […]

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Kage Baker

Many of you know that writer Kage Baker has been fighting against cancer in the last several weeks and months. To that end, the Green Man Review has just posted the following note from Kage’s sister: Kage’s doctor has informed us she has reached the end of useful treatment. The cancer has slowed, but not […]

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Quick Backend Note re: Comments

Dear Whatever commenters: WordPress’ spam detection has the last couple of weeks been bumping a few more of you into spam and moderation queues than is usual. I’ll be working on tweaking the backend, but in the meantime if you post a message and it seems to go nowhere, don’t panic, and don’t assume I’ve […]

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