Quick Backend Note re: Comments

Dear Whatever commenters:

WordPress’ spam detection has the last couple of weeks been bumping a few more of you into spam and moderation queues than is usual. I’ll be working on tweaking the backend, but in the meantime if you post a message and it seems to go nowhere, don’t panic, and don’t assume I’ve suddenly banned you (unless, you know, I’ve said to you “you are now banned.”). Just relax and I’ll go through the spam and moderation boxes as I generally do a couple of times a day, releasing comments. Thanks.

11 Comments on “Quick Backend Note re: Comments”

  1. Just a suggestion that might save you some time in the long run: if you find any regular commenters in the moderation queue, you might want to whitelist them.

  2. WP has likely been tweaking its spam blocking and set things a little too high. Like clussman said, perhaps a whitelist would be helpful to keep down your moderation queue if you’re getting swarmed. Anyway, have fun with the gremlins of the intertubes, you just know something can’t keep working and simple when it’s on the ‘net.

  3. The following statement is true. The preceding statement was false.

    Chew on that, Askimet! G’wan! Call Herman to compute!


    (I shouldn’t really do that. Askimet makes my life so much easier.)

  4. This is why I like being an unknown Goddess, er I mean blogger. I can moderate every non-spam comment that comes in the first time. Once I’ve approved you to utter words in my presence, you can do so regularly.

    But I realize that with you rock star writers, this isn’t feasible without assistants. :)

  5. Man, getting caught in the spam queue sucks, especially when you have something really smart to post.

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