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From the Whatever Archives: “Holden Caulfield in Middle Age”

On the occasion of J.D. Salinger’s passing, I find it appropriate to exhume from the Secret Whatever Archives this essay, entitled “Holden Caulfield in Middle Age” (also available in Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, which you should buy, damn you). Enjoy. July 18, 2001 Holden Caulfield turned 50 this last week, and if the […]

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State of the Union 2010

One word: Eh. More words: It was a bit weird; the rhythm was herky-jerky and the audience didn’t seem to know if it wanted to applaud or not in places, and basically the whole thing felt like school play with the main character thrown off his game by no one else knowing their lines. Note […]

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The Big Idea: Sara Miles

Where is the story of the world being told? It might be in the place you least expect: far away from news cameras and press releases. Sara Miles finds her work in those margins — she is the founder of the St. Gregory’s Food Pantry in San Francisco — but more than that finds the […]

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It Is a Good Day To Die!

Over at AMC this week: The pros and cons of being killed by various science fiction film aliens. You’d think it’s all con (because no matter what, you’re dead), but some deaths are more humiliating than others. Read this list, and then rank the ways to go in the poll. And of course, as always, […]

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