Daily Archives: January 31, 2010

Dear Amazon:

Now that you’ve admitted that you’re going to accept Macmillan’s pricing proposal on ebooks, would you mind turning the “Buy Now” button back on for all my Tor books? Pretty please? The longer you wait, the more I’ll have to think you’re just being petulant and foot-stompy about it. Kthxbye, JS P.S.: Come here, have […]

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RIP, Kage Baker

Breaking my silence today to note that according to Green Man Review, Kage Baker died early this morning, at home, with family and friends around her. SFWA’s notice of her passing is here. Good writer, good person. I’ll miss her.

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In Which I Attempt Math — AND WIN!

Yesterday the site got twice as many visitors as it usually does. That means I can take today off and it will all average out! See you Monday!

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