In Which I Attempt Math — AND WIN!

Yesterday the site got twice as many visitors as it usually does. That means I can take today off and it will all average out!

See you Monday!

16 Comments on “In Which I Attempt Math — AND WIN!”

  1. We’ll show you! We’ll run up your visitor numbers all Sunday and then you can’t come back until Tuesday!

  2. Yes, I’m exactly in the same boat. I got two visitors yesterday, twice as many as usually. Overwhelming. I feel I don’t know my audience anymore.

  3. Well then, I shall comment twice as much here as I normally do, so I won’t have to return to comment for another *eight* months.

    My, this *is* relaxing!

    …except for the work of finding something else to comment upon, which is now stressing me out.

    Forget it. See you in four months.

  4. You can’t count any of today’s visitors, you know, the ones who tuned in to figure out what Scalzi wrote today, toward tomorrow’s slacking.

  5. But how will we find out how you feel about <insert vital tidbit of information peripherally related to Macmillan/Amazon, Stargate, Zombies, or Cats Too Dumb To Survive Without People Or Is It The Other Way Around, here>… NOOOOOOO…

    (Oops – sorry for double post, last one took the angle brackets and zapped most of my post! That will teach me to use preview… nah, probably not.)

  6. Joe@12: Are you the guy I see in the mirror? Because my 360 red ringed on Mass Effect 2 as well.

    Paper books for entertainment are sounding like a better idea all the time. The only ring you have to worry about is if someone uses your book as a coaster.

  7. Does this mean you won’t be around to supervise us? What if we start throwing spitballs at each other and knocking over inkwells?

  8. Dude – I followed your link to xkcd and lost most of the weekend. When will I learn to resist your evil?!?

  9. Dave @13 – the trick is to not actually lend a book to the type of person who would use it as a coaster. Keeps your blood pressure down.