RIP, Kage Baker

Breaking my silence today to note that according to Green Man Review, Kage Baker died early this morning, at home, with family and friends around her. SFWA’s notice of her passing is here.

Good writer, good person. I’ll miss her.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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To be clear, she and I were not close friends; we met a couple of times and were friendly toward each other, and I regret that I will not be able to be in her company again, outside of her books. I don’t wish to imply a closer relationship than there was. There are others far more worthy of sympathy and consideration than I.

Nevertheless, and on behalf of those folks, Mark, thank you.

Damn. I didn’t realize she was ill until the posting a week or 2 ago. If there’s anything to be glad about in such a sad event it’s that she didn’t linger longer in pain and that she was able to pass with family and friends around.

RIP Kage and condolences to all who knew and cared for her.

I never met her, never read her books, but had heard of her. Nevertheless, I am very sad at this news. (In addition to the loss of another human being, the specifics were just too close to too many people I know or have known. Sorry if that’s a clumsy statement.)

I wish her family, friends, and loved ones well.

“In the Garden of Iden” is not normally one of the books I gravitate towards, but I read it, and Sky Coyote out of interest. Mendoza in Hollywood caught me in the mystery, and I had to run around and find all the short stories on Fictionwise and find the threads to this amazing tapestry of mystery and adventure. I’m always sad for the loss of someones loved one, but I’m sad that the person that taught me the latin name for chocolate is gone…..

This is very sad. I started with “The Garden of Iden” and rapidly tore through the entire ‘Company’ series. Ms. Baker brought a fresh take to the time travel genre, and she left us far too soon.

I can’t think of anything of hers that I’ve read that I didn’t like (and I think I’ve read all but the sequel (follow-up?) to _Anvil of the World_. Sad to see her go too soon.

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