And Now, The Obligatory View Out the Hotel Window

Here you go:

Yes, raining in southern California, which I have been led to believe is its natural state in the last few weeks. But I just escaped Ohio in front of what appears to be a soul-crushingly immense snow storm, so I don’t think I will complain (and also, I hope I can find my car at the airport when I get back). Also, my view out the window is likely to change because my honor bar fridge is leaking and there’s a puddle in my room, so I’m changing rooms later today. Which is not to say the hotel I’m at is not otherwise fine; it’s got free wifi, for one, which makes me happy.

I’m sure ambitious Los Angelenos can figure out by the shot where exactly it is I’m staying, but I warn you now it’ll do no good to stalk me here. I’ve a busy schedule and won’t be here a lot. Also, if you show up to my room unannounced, well, you know. That’s creepy, dude. Stop it.

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  1. Nope. I live in LA and I don’t recognize that view. But LA is known for being, y’know, kind of a BIG place.

    Welcome to the West Coast, sir. Enjoy your In-N-Out burgers and the comparatively clement weather!

  2. Hey, the Ambassador! I drive by that place twice a day and always wonder what it’s like.

    So, what’s it like? (Other than “cylindrical”, obviously.)

  3. I know approximately where you must be. But dude, it’s raining. I never stalk anyone in the rain.

    I see from the Twitter that you’ve had your In-N-Out fix. If you find yourself in need of late-night carnitas, shoot me an email. I know a place.

  4. Well, winter is the rainy season in California. Also the growing season, which tends to freak out some winter visitors, since they’re not used to everything being green and flowering in February.

    So how many days are you spending at Disneyland?

  5. Nice. Consider yourself lucky! This is maybe the 7th day of rain out of 10 or so we’ll see *all year.* Those are some odds. Grab a lotto ticket before you go.

    Also, I’m sure you’ve had tens of offers of the same, but Janice and I would be happy to sponsor your departing Double Double. That is, in fact, my favorite INO location, due to the proximity of landing aircraft. Though with the weather as goofed up as it is, they may have reversed the pattern for the duration.

    We also know the location of secret super-burger in LA, which I’d be happy to share in email. Because it’s secret. Hurr.

  6. Hope you are not too busy to climb up that hill and visit the Getty Art Museum. It’s a remarkable campus with primo views of L.A. and Santa Monica — besides, you will feel chagrin if you miss their current show of Rembrandt drawings; they’re displayed next to similar drawings by his students.
    If you keep going over the Santa Monicas in that direction for a few miles you can visit our home, or at least try to clamber over the gate while we call the police.

  7. I see someone else figured out where you are. This is too easy for Angelenos or former Angelenos, in my case. I used to live in the Valley and work at UCLA. I can’t count the number of times I drove past the Holiday Inn on my way to Sunset Blvd. (It’s not the Holiday Inn anymore, but that’s how I think of it.)

    Do go to the Getty, if you get the chance. Vale la pena, it’s worth the effort.

  8. Speaking as one not far south of your house’s location (for varying definitions of not far) I can say you’re better off with the rain.

    Da Storm has not yet turned our drivers to mindless (and headless) chickens, nor has it gotten up to an inch, as yet. However, they just let The Long Suffering One (aka my Hubby) out of Wright Patt, so I think we can look forward to some interesting times in the near future.

    Enjoy yourself out that way.

  9. #11 – I *think* that was Glen Campbell that sang that song.

    Good side of the Hotel to be on.

  10. Random question related to the “We have a monopoly on John Scalzi” at the top of the site. If during the zombie apocalypse, I reanimate John Scalzi and make him my minion, do I then have a monopoly on John Scalzi? If so, will we need to do anything to MacMillan or Amazon at that point?

  11. Stalking you isn’t just creepy, it’s a sure sign of insanity. Yup, driving in LA in the rain is definitely a sign of insanity.

  12. Meanwhile back here in abandoned Ohio, the streets are fiendishly slushy, which means, come sundown, they will be little frozen ice ridges. This never would have happened if you had stayed to protect us…

  13. “Yup, driving in LA in the rain is definitely a sign of insanity.”

    Well then I must be completely psychotic, because I’m about to ride my motorcycle from Hollywood to the West Side in the rain. I’m even taking the freeway :)

    (I’ve done it many times, don’t worry about me)

    And don’t forget, Canter’s Deli is open 24 hours!

  14. Todd Stull@20: I think John would be considered a remainder at that point, so you wouldn’t owe any royalties on him. As for doing anything to Amazon or Macmillan, I doubt it’d be necessary. They’re both perfectly capable of hamstringing themselves, and each other.

    That saying about revenge being a dish best served cold? Nah. Revenge is a dish best served by someone else – preferably the diner.

  15. The Getty… nice weather. Still better than here. Haha. If this turns to snow here, I can enjoy snowboarding tomorrow…

  16. FWIW, the hotel you’re staying in was in the first scene of LETHAL WEAPON, as I recall.

    From the Lyrics Is Good But the Words Is Stoopid Dept.:

    Seems it never rains in southern California
    Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
    It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya
    It pours, man it pours

  17. According to a weather plugin for my browser (Firefox iymk) this Saturday we’re supposed to get rain again down here. Which means the LA area will be getting rain as well.

    As a matter of fact, LA gets more rain than San Diego because it’s further north than we are. Just as Tijuana gets more rain from the Pineapple Express because they are further south.

    But whether the rain ultimately comes from the Gulf of Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, or even the Gulf of California via Arizona, rain in Southern California mostly comes from far away. The only time we get rain from just off the coast is on those very rare occasions when the atmosphere is saturated. From top to bottom, saturated. Most of the time the air in these parts is rather dry.

    What makes the present series of storms possible is the fact the waters off the Republic of Chile are unusually warm. A temporary climatic anomaly which produces odd weather all around the world. All our unusual weather shows is that we are having an El Niño year, it says nothing, really, about climate change, global warming, or Domino Pizza’s decision to change their recipe.

    Now if you want something to worry about, keep in mind that we’ve been having a swarm of earthquakes ’round here. From a pair up in Northern California, to a bunch near the Colorado River Delta in Mexico, where the San Andreas is being a bit frisky. The hill John is currently dwelling on was caused by a subsidiary transform fault shoving the ground up in a mound. And an earthquake can be triggered whenever two blocks of terrain come unstuck. Just ask the seismologists working in New York State.

  18. Steve: Actually, the building in the opening of Lethal Weapon is International Tower in Long Beach. I thought the same thing for a while, but on repeat viewings there’s no 405 anywhere near the building when they do the big helicopter fly-in…

  19. Nearest in-and-out. Take sunset to veteran and cut over to westwood. See bunch of college students eating cheap burger– also look at little tehran

  20. Sweet! You’re at the Hotel Angelino in Brentwood! When we were kids, we used to use that (when it was a Holiday Inn) as our landmark coming and going from the Valley to San Diego on our summer vacations. I’ve always wanted to see what one of the rooms look like inside, since the round tower meant they probably expanded outwards towards the windows. And yes, this is our winter, this is our rain.

  21. WARNING: Do NOT try to walk to the Getty. There’s a weird highway that looks like you can cross it, but you’ll be trapped forever. This happened to Jazza and I, and we were saved by a guy in a van who drove up and said he saves a lot of people who try to walk from that hotel to the Getty. But he might not be there to save you, or worse, the OTHER guy with a van might pick you up, and you do NOT want to go with him.

    Trust me.

  22. Your hotel is right where my grandparents used to live. My parents used to try to surprise me by not letting on that were were going to visit them. All the freeways in LA look the same (I still space out and drive dozens of miles in the wrong direction when I try to get around in LA), but that building was my clue that we were going to visit grandma and grandpa.

    I called it “The Drain-Stopper Building,” and was always overjoyed to see it.

  23. I know where you are. And I don’t stalk, especially in the rain. Driving in the rain here is insanity. Oh wait, someone already mentioned that.

    We NEED the rain, unless the hillsides near me start to slide. Then, we don’t. I haven’t had to water my flowers in weeks.

  24. I work for the Highway Patrol in LA. You’re all correct, you do NOT want to drive in the rain. On rain days I wish I’d been a fireman.

  25. Jeff @25: My personal theory is that all motorcyclists in LA are on a day pass from the psychiatric unit, no matter what the weather. Who else would take to the streets with all these morons in Escalades?

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