Mission Accomplished

My In-N-Out Double-Double from earlier this evening, before I consumed the hell out of it. You would not have wanted me to take a picture of it after I had done so.

In other news, yes, I’m in California. LA to be precise. Doesn’t my typing look three hours later to you than it normally does?

And now, sleep.

43 Comments on “Mission Accomplished”

  1. Chances are it was not the In N Out nearest to my current location, but if you went to one of the other 8 “in Los Angeles” you were still but a few miles away. I shall dream of one of these delicious burgers now.

  2. And I bet you drove right by my house after getting all good and greasy with that Double-Double and didn’t even wave a greasy finger… hope your visit is filled with yummy things ;-)

  3. Betting it’s the one on Sepulveda just north of LAX. Though the lines there can be something fierce.

  4. Is someone covering the Academy Awards? Will someone be wearing a spiffy suit? And a very fine hat with a card saying PRESS tucked into the hatband?

  5. We don’t have Double-Double in Australia, but we do have Grill’d. Man, am I craving me some Grill’d burger.

  6. So a very good reason to not have noticed Amazon turned the buttons back “on” on your books….

  7. Oh, sure. You’re in sunny LA, chowing down on In-and-Outs. I’m in freezing Cincinnati, and the roads will be too nasty to get to the local Fatburger.

    Oh, why must you taunt me, Scalzi? Why?

  8. You managed to take a picture of it before tearing into it.
    I’m really impressed by your self-discipline.

  9. @Mike Kranjcevich: They didn’t turn it back on for all his books, just some of them. (OMW seems to be back, but Last Colony and Zoe’s Tale are not…)

  10. Are you making yourself available for mass adulation during this trip? Because I still owe you a Coke Zero.

  11. You are a bad bad man John Scalzi, and I shall never forgive until I get back to California and have a double-double animal style of my own.

  12. @Jon Hansen- This is the strongest point I’ve read all year.

    @Scalzi- To think, you’re in my home state devouring our fine food, while I’m stuck in your current neck of the woods… you’re going to have to share any good food spots in the Southern/Central Ohio area sometime. To me, the food lacks out here, example: losing 30 lbs my first 3 months here… and not exaggerating about it.

  13. double-double=coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar. I see no coffee in the photo. What kind of fraud is this?

  14. INO came to Utah last year. I squeed. Actually went there for lunch yesterday. Which is good so I do not have to hurt you now.

    Sadly my order was messed up and I did not get my side of chilies. Must try those some time.

    Today was first day where I could find a table to sit at. Normally packed even at 2:30 in the afternoon. Won’t even go near it on Saturday.

  15. Dude, that burger looks awesome! I’d walk a mile barefoot for such a burger in South Korea . . .

  16. I hope you get to tell the guys that produce Star Gate: Universe to contract with you to write some episodes of the show. With you writing the episodes the show will be alot better and not so boring. I also love the picture of the burger. I so hungry now I can see cornbread walking on crutches!!!!

  17. And after Lala land, are you going up the coast to Seattle, to have a word w/ Bezos in person, perhaps take the mallet of correction to the side of his skull?

  18. Ah, so you are here. Like the rain? People here can’t drive for shit in the rain so be careful out there.

    Doesn’t that burger have like a thousand calories? It gives me heartburn just looking at it.

  19. Man, I sooooo want one right now. July (when we will be vacationing in so cal) cannot come soon enough!

  20. In-n-Out is fine and all, but if you are in LA then you really should hit Tommy Burger and grab a double chili burger with cheese (and then drop by the nearest grocery store and grab some Pepto and then head to the nearest emergency room. The chili on that burger can clean an oven).

  21. They just opened here in Utah. I read your blog and then went and got my own with grilled onions. The power of Joe–they should kick you some cash for the increase in their sales.

  22. The world makes sense again. When I read in a later thread that you were eating Double-Doubles, my Canadian soul was in a lurch–“He’s eating coffee??”

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