And Now, the World’s Least Impressive Icicle

Icy stalactaciousness fail, on my very own roof. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


For the Kodi Fans Out There

Our dog in her natural habitat:

Photo by Krissy, who took it whilst I was away.


Your Science Fiction Award Nomination Suggestions

Hey, kids, look! It’s Hugh, the Hugo-Impaled Headcrab! And he has something he wants to say to us all! Let’s lean in close (but not too close) and listen to what he has to say:

“Hello, geeks of Earth! Did you know that this is science fiction awards nomination season? Well it is! Hugo nominations are due within the next month, and for those of you humans who are also members of SFWA, Nebula nominations are due by the end of the week! There’s no time to lose! So don’t just stand there like a headcrab impaled on a Hugo! Get nominating!”

What wise and telling words, Hugh. Yes, indeed, it’s time to make those nominations, and in doing so let the world know what you think is the best science fiction of the year.

But wait: You say you know what you’re going to nominate in some categories but not in others? You say that you wouldn’t mind hearing suggestions about what to read so as to consider it for nominations? You also say that you wouldn’t mind sharing your own suggestions for Hugo and Nebula-worthy work in the past year?

Excellent. Because as it happens, I’m creating this very thread to be a repository for science fiction award nomination suggestions. Geeks of the world, fill this thread with the novels, stories, movies and other stuff you think is worth nominating for the year. There are only two rules:

1. Make sure that what you’re suggesting is actually eligible for nomination (for the Hugos, that means it was released in the 2009 calendar year; for the Nebulas, released from July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009), and fits in the current categories for the Hugos and the Nebulas, and their associated awards (the Campbell Award for Best New Writer; the Andre Norton and Bradbury Awards);

2. Don’t suggest anything by me, because I’ve already done my own award pimpage post, and this is for everything else.

Also, if you are someone eligible for an award, don’t be shy: Feel free to recommend your own work. You’ll note I did an award pimpage post of my own, so clearly I’m not opposed to people tooting their own horn. And, you know. 40,000 folks visit here daily. Some of them nominate for awards. Tell ’em about your stuff.

So: What do you suggest for the science fiction awards this year? Tell us all in the comments.


There’s Snow Place Like Home

The last two days in LA were really nice and clear and gorgeous, but I am told that more rain is arriving today, so I escaped that… to come back to my house basically being encased in snow, with more snow falling today (and indeed, you can see that falling snow in the picture). To be sure, we’re not getting the same volume of snow the east coast is currently getting, which are historic amounts. But we’re getting our share. School was canceled today, as it was yesterday, and may yet be tomorrow, confirming February once again as “That Month the Kid Don’t Get No Edumacation.” She’s downstairs at the moment watching Phineas & Ferb. That’s educational, right? It does feature a mad scientist.

Anyway. Hi, I’m home.

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