And Now, the World’s Least Impressive Icicle

Icy stalactaciousness fail, on my very own roof. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

30 replies on “And Now, the World’s Least Impressive Icicle”

It’s not unimpressive! It’s extremely impressive how delicate it is. The big ol’ clunkers are easy to get – these little drippy ones need exactly the right situation to form – perfect amounts of melting and no wind.

Way cool.

The icicle may be weak but the snow ledge it’s hanging off of is pretty good sized.
Probably won’t last long if someone keeps standing below it. Those things have a tendency to drop on the unwary head to the amusement of others. Then all you can do is the amazing “snow down your back” dance, also to the great amusement of others. 8^D

We have TONS of icicles. My brother and i had fun opening all the windows, leaning out as far as we could, and knocking them down with a broom handle. =)

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