For the Kodi Fans Out There

Our dog in her natural habitat:

Photo by Krissy, who took it whilst I was away.

20 Comments on “For the Kodi Fans Out There”

  1. what a handsome dog. A big old wolf hound like that must love the snow.

    on the other hand, my house cat, upon seeing our snow encrusted snow shovel leaning against the wall, began to rub himself all over the shovel for reasons that escape me. So maybe animals just dig snow.

  2. That is a happy animal. Bed of snow! Probably thinks Mom and Dad made the snow bed just for him cause he was extra special good or something.

  3. Dang. I want to reincarnate as something with a pelt like that. And a tail, I’ve always wanted a tail…

  4. M.A.@8: I’d settle for being reincarnated with hair that color. For that matter, I’d settle for being reincarnated with hair.

  5. High five to Krissy!

    Instead of getting kicked to the snowy front yard when I travel my dog turns into an Oedipal bed warmer.

  6. What a noble dog.

    Mine (a border collie) is often too hot in this world, and would really appreciate 12 inches of fresh snow to nest in.

  7. As a member of the Kodi Appreciation Society, I’d like to thank you for the picture of a magnificent Akita in her favored habitat.

    I have a picture of my late Newf Sasquatch out playing in the snow the one time we had serious snow (Feb ’88). The big dogs in snow are always lovable.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  8. Yeah dogs and snow are a good mix. Especially when your kids leave the front door unlatched and the dog decides to take a run, you can track him sooo much easier in fresh snow.

  9. Kodi is a kutie! My cat doesn’t like walking in snow, but she’ll hang out behind the bushes and watch it fall.

  10. Kathy @ 12
    Yes, it’s an Akita

    Ben @ 3
    Akitas (including Kodi) aren’t wolf hounds, they’re (were) fighting dogs. Either that, or bear hunting…

  11. Kodi always has such a worried look on her face. I hope that’s just because Akitas look that way and not because the cats are discussing taping bacon to her side and sending her photo to LOLDog.

  12. Definitely in her element. But where’s the frolicking? She should be playing “shred the rabbit” with her favorite toy in the snow.

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