Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

John Scalzi Answers Mail, Generically

Because a number of e-mails I’ve gotten in the last week are similar to other e-mails I’ve gotten this week from other people, rather than respond to them privately with more or less the same responses, I’ll go ahead and answer them generically. Why haven’t you been talking about [insert particular political thing here]?/You should […]

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New TGE Review, Plus Retailer Availability Update

There’s a new review of The God Engines at the book review site Blood of the Muse, and I couldn’t ask for a better recommendation. An excerpt: A vastly rich tale set in a theocratic universe, The God Engines is a modern sci-fi classic, an intriguing examination of faith and worship and godhood. Intelligent and […]

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Ich Bin Gestucken

Our excellent neighbor Bob plowed our driveway yesterday afternoon, as he is wont to do when there’s lots of snow, but then snowdrift overnight covered the driveway once more, and deceptively so, as Krissy found out when she drove into snow she thought was a couple inches deep at most but turned out to be […]

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