New TGE Review, Plus Retailer Availability Update

There’s a new review of The God Engines at the book review site Blood of the Muse, and I couldn’t ask for a better recommendation. An excerpt:

A vastly rich tale set in a theocratic universe, The God Engines is a modern sci-fi classic, an intriguing examination of faith and worship and godhood. Intelligent and provocative, the narrative reminds me of a classic Twilight Zone episode, well-written, multi-leveled and rich with ideas. The God Engines is the best thing yet from John Scalzi and worthy of award consideration. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

And there you have it. Remember that you can read the first chapter of it here.

One problem that we’ve had with The God Engines is that it initially sold so quickly that retailers had a difficult time keeping it in stock; if you looked at the Amazon page for it, for example, it often said that it would be available in “3 to 6 weeks.” Well, Subterranean Press ordered up more printings and now they’ve made their way to retailers; Amazon now lists it as “in stock,” and you should be able to order it from your local bookseller. Remember also that Borders took an order of copies, so if you have a Borders in your neighborhood, it’s entirely possible you’ll find the book on the shelf there. Which is awesome. All of which is to say: Now available everywhere. Enjoy.

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  1. Quick note on Borders. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but you can check the store availability in your area by pulling up TGE and using the Check Availability link on the right.

  2. Congrats! Excellent review. Very much enjoyed my TGE limited edition goodness from Subterranean.

    Another question out of curiosity: How does Bill decide when to make note of a second printing? I noticed on the Subpress site that there isn’t a separate printing listed for the trade, but other 1st printing trades that have sold out (e.g. de Lint’s _Promises to Keep_, Willis’ _D.A._) note the second printing as the edition that’s available.

  3. My local Borders had 5 copies of it on the shelf yesterday; very happy to see it and I reduced the inventory to 4. However, with the 18 inches of snow that has arrived in the past 18 hours, I don’t recommend that anyone go over there to look for it today.

  4. Hi.

    Clarifying second printings and our website. We held back the last of the first printings, which are available direct from us. Once we’ve moved those last hundred copies, we’ll make note that we only have second printings available on the site.

    Hope this helps.



  5. One problem that we’ve had with The God Engines is that it initially sold so quickly that retailers had a difficult time keeping it in stock….

    “Problem,” John?

  6. Good luck on the book, I am sure you will be successful with it. It has several cooties that I typically avoid so I will personally pass.

  7. Hmm. Hmm. Just had a read over on the link to the first chapter. Very cool. Until I finish my MBA my reading time is essentially nil, but this has definitely earned a slot in my post-MBA reading list. Best of luck with it.

  8. I cancelled my pre-order and re-ordered on amazon. This moved up my shipdate from mar 11 to feb 12.

  9. I got mine a while back. My girlfriend ordered directly from Subterranian. I read it in one sitting. Not at all what I was expecting it to be, which is good. I really liked it.

  10. The last I was there Mysterious Galaxy had two copies left. So if you’re in San Diego you might get lucky.

    They had three copies, until I bought one. A dark and disturbing tale. I’m starting to think a certain deity got a bit beyond himself when he enslaved Loki (unless he made an even worse mistake by enslaving Wotan Treacherous :) .

    John, I do have a question about TGD. Have you read Harry Turtledove’s Between the Rivers?

  11. @16 you know you can just order from Subterranean and … er, pay the shipping, and then pay the import duty and the post-office rip-off fee for paying your duty. Which, um, may have nearly doubled the price of the book.

    But, hey, I got a copy! And it’s great! I loved it! I just wish there was more of it :-)

  12. (Insert shameless plug for favorite bookstore) Just so you know, Dreamhaven in Minneapolis has some in stock as well. That’s where I got mine on Wednesday.

  13. I liked The God Engines very much, so I recommended it to a friend (a knowlegeable SF fan). After he finished, I bet him a case of beer that I could give him a complete review and analysis of the book in 2 words. I am happy to say that he was honorable enough to deliver the Labatt Blue personally.


    Thanks for a great story.

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