My Evanescent Internet Fame

Oh, look: I’ve cracked Technorati’s overall top 100, holding the anchor position, situated directly below Perez Hilton, which, I assure you, is a surprise to us both. This won’t last; last week due to Amazon/Macmillan I had a massive spike in readership (and linkage, which is what Technorati really tracks). It’s since come down to my normal levels, plus a small overall lift in people who’ve showed up for the first time last week and then decided to stick around, and linking will follow that path as well. So soon enough I’ll slink back down to the 300s or wherever it is I usually am these days — Technorati’s ranking system has become frightfully opaque outside of specific category rankings.

But, you know. I’ll enjoy my stay on the blogging A-list while I can (i.e., until tomorrow), and promise to remember where I came from, and to keep it real, etc. You want any souvenirs from the A-list club house? I think I see some coasters they won’t miss. I’ll just move Perez’s drink off one. Shhh. Don’t tell him it was me.

30 Comments on “My Evanescent Internet Fame”

  1. How to top Perez Hilton: Call anorexic waifs who wear a size 1 or larger obese.

    And say it in as swishy a tone as possible, because if you sound straight, people just assume you’re a 350-pound slob who wears a No Fat Chicks T-shirt.

    Incidentally, do guys who wear No Fat Chicks T-shirts ever really get laid? Most of them look homeless and reek of inhuman BO.

    Oh, the weighty matters on my mind this morning.

  2. Technorati a while back decided I didn’t exist, so I have no clue what my ranking is, except something very much like zero.

    This failed to make me sad.

  3. Joel@8: “If you’re currently A-list, does that make us cool by association?”

    I think that makes us hangers-on. Now if he asks us to get him a drink that makes us his buh… buh… beeoh… I can’t even say it.

    Anyway, no.

  4. I’ve added your blog in to my Google ‘igoogle’ page so not sure how that’ll hit your stats. Anyways, you’re right between Contrary Brin and Neil Gaiman.

  5. Okay, am I the only one who, upon a quick scan of the title of the post, thought this was going to be about the band Evanescence in some way?

    Wait, on second thought, don’t answer that…

  6. Justin @ 12:

    I’m not sure but I think he’s one of those people who are famous for being well-known.

    eviljwinter @ 3:

    I’ve never seen a guy in a No Fat Chicks t-shirt (or driving a vehicle with a No Fat Chicks bumpersticker) who wasn’t at least as hefty as I was. Which isn’t 350 lbs of beer belly and man-tits, but it’s not svelte, either.

    But then, I’ve never seen a “Terrorist Hunting Permit” sticker on a vehicle that wasn’t being driven by someone who looked like he’d piss his pants in the presence of an actual terrorist.

    So the lesson for today, kids, is that irony is still not dead. And unintentional irony is still the most ironic kind.

  7. I can tell you that at least two of your very new readers have nothing to do with the Amazon/Macmillan debacle. We found you just days before the whole nasty incident because I was proofreading Metatropolis, thought I should give your web presence a visit, and then told a friend it was a must read. Sure, the Amazon/Macmillan debacle made for great reading, but we’ve added you to our RSS feeds. Perez Hilton will never be worthy of that.

  8. Please, don’t ask Carrie Prejean if Zeus and Lopsided Cat should have the right to get married.

  9. All you have to do is bring up the future of publishing and what that will look like, and you will be in the top 100 again…

    I just read that Cory Doctorow has stopped working with publishers, and shares his work via a hybrid of print on demand book and free ebooks.

  10. At least YOU are behind HIM. I wouldn’t want it the other way around….

    P.S. No idiots, that’s NOT homophobia, it’s Hilton-phobia. Really, can you blame me?

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