Today’s “Dogs! And Cats! Living Together!” Moment

They get along quite well, actually. Oh, occasionally Kodi will chase Ghlaghghee and occasionally Ghlaghghee will whap at Kodi as she walks by, but most of the time it’s a peaceable kingdom. Which is as it should be. There’s a lesson for us all here, mostly involving the desirability of sleeping on the carpet, but maybe also about making the effort to live together in harmony. No, okay, it’s mostly about carpet napping. Sorry.

17 Comments on “Today’s “Dogs! And Cats! Living Together!” Moment”

  1. O Great Scalzi, how wonderful it is to see a picture of Magnificent She.

    Unfortunately, you have clearly forgotten all of the Executive Committee’s constructive critiques.

    Here are some helpful suggestions to improve your next image of Her – which we expect will follow shortly:

    1. The Beauteous Ghlaghghee needs to be centered in the frame.
    2. Anteater-Thing is never acceptable.
    3. There is excessive clutter that needs to be removed.
    4. And wtf are you doing with the color and lighting? You aren’t playing with Photoshop again, are you? Didn’t we cure your foolish addiction to that awhile ago?

    Despite these terrible faults, the picture is ultimately rescued by Her Inner Shimmering Radiant Essence which shines through your best efforts to dim it.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  2. I spent some minutes this afternoon watching my Standard Poodle carefully groom (i.e. lick all over) the fattest of my Siamese cats until said cat stopped blissing out and began to be irritated. Mr. Siamese then showed his gratitude to the Poodle by walking across the room to make love to the OTHER dog. Many minutes of head bumping and whole body rubbing ensued, which didn’t seem to impress my Shepherd at all. Mr. Siamese then curled up on the dog bed next to the Shepherd and went to sleep.

    Beats shared carpet napping for sheer drama, yes?

  3. I thought chang, if not chang, would be pleased, as She was in focus, centered at least on one axis, and we haven’t seen much of Her tummy. But I can’t fault the Committee for sticking by their rules.

  4. Congratulations on having the foresight to get a carpet which is too big to fight over; my house has polished boards, with a cat mat and a dog mat. But for reasons to which I am not privy, the dog mat is unacceptable some days, and the cat mat likewise. This leads to complex and intricate dances. First, the acceptable mat is shared, and gradually, with the most delicate and playful of pats, the cat persuades the dog to gradually relinquish her half. Then the dog complains to me, and sulks at my feet. My feet therefore become The Only Place To Be, and the mats might as well be lava fields.


    I was going to post something more constructive, really I was, but then I was distracted by the


    Can you blame me? No you can’t.

  6. My cat does this immediately after I vacuum the apartment. I suspect he thinks that I’m warming and fluffing the floor just for him.

  7. Given the amount of snow we’re getting, might Kodi and Ghlaghghee be eyeing each other, or the other cats for that matter, for possible protein value. Oh, sure. You know and I know this will taper off tomorrow night, and we can continue to eat schadenfreude pie at the East Coast’s expense until the next one this weekend.

    But do dogs and cats truly understand this? You may be thinking, “Athena has a snow day,” but the animals might be thinking, “So, tell us about this Donner Party again. How’d that work?”

  8. Interspecies snorgling is the best. Is that one dainty kitty paw getting awfully close to Kodi’s fluffy back? Yes, I think it is! Squee!

    I am endlessly amused at how cats and dogs don’t understand each other’s play. The dogs want to chase the cats, without the proper ambush protocol that the cats require as an introduction to chase play (duh). The dogs think the ambush part is creepy and downright sadistic and get really freaked out when the cats do it to them. It’s so entertaining.

  9. The extent of my ancient black and white cat’s contact with my not-quite-as-elderly-but-getting-there spinster border collie is to wait just inside the front door every morning after the dog and I have gone out to get the paper (and she uses the front yard in a most disgraceful manner); when I open the door, the cat just sits there and screams bloody murder at both of us because it’s time for HER breakfast. Other than that, the cat just has to put up with the daily cold nose up the butt by the dog.

  10. Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy tummy! I bet Kodi has a lot to put up with despite the feline expression of complete innocence :-) so cute