I Hereby Unilaterally Declare February 15th To Be International Grover Appreciation Day

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Because he is The Greatest Muppet Ever. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

Tell everyone you know that today is International Grover Appreciation Day. Because it is THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER.

That is all. Thank you.

Update, 11:38 am: Quote from Athena: “Is there an Elmo Day? Because if there is, I’m going to have to punch someone.” I AM SO PROUD.

Also, feel free to download the picture above from here.


Yet Another Snow Day

Athena has had school two days in all of February so far, thanks to a combination of being ill and then several snow days. So today was supposed to be a makeup day, even though it was President’s Day, i.e., an official holiday. But then nature decided today would be the day it drops an additional six to nine inches of snow on the area, so — yet another snow day. Athena is currently spending it on my office couch, eating an apple and watching episodes of iCarly on Netflix streaming.

Me: I’m worried that everything you’ve learned is now just falling out of your head.

Athena: What? Like I will forget how to walk and breathe?

Me: No, like you’ll forget about the War of 1812. What do you remember about the War of 1812?

Athena: They ran through the briars, and they ran through the brambles. And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.

Me: Hmmm. I’m going to let you slide on that one.

Because, to be fair, what do you remember of the War of 1812? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And you don’t have the snow day excuse.

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